Stunning Bridal Jewelry Styles to Complement Your Wedding Outfit

Stunning Bridal Jewelry Styles to Complement Your Wedding Outfit

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Indian weddings mean a riot of colors, rituals, and attire that simply look breathtaking. And while we mention all these, we cannot miss out on bridal jewelry, which is a crucial element in completing one’s look. Over the years, we have seen a massive change in Indian bridal jewelry design, whether they are classic designs or contemporary styles. This showcases a beautiful blend of our age-old tradition and modernism. 

In this blog, let us list some of the stunning styles of bridal jewelry for wedding that can be matched with various types of wedding outfits such as lehenga, sharara, saree, and even gowns. 

Bridal Jewelry Styles to Complement Indian Wedding Outfit

Choker Charm

wedding choker for brides

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pearl bridal choker

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statement choker for brides

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A choker is one of the timeless bridal jewelry pieces that perhaps have never gone out of fashion. Inspired by Indian royalty, chokers usually are intricately designed and give a touch of regality to the bridal outfit. It is a popular choice for Indian brides who want to get a complete bridal look. Deepika Padukone's elegant choker paired with a Kanjeevaram saree is a stellar example of this trend. 

However, if you want to pick chokers that are not too heavy but beautify your neckline, then you can choose from the wide collection at Zariin. The designs are not only unique but go well with almost all types of bridal ensembles.

Rani Haar Royalty

raani haar for brides

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Rani haar is one of the bridal jewelry pieces that is considered a much sought-after jewelry among brides-to-be. Also called a Queen’s necklace, it is a long neckpiece that shows magnificence. Priyanka Chopra's wedding ensemble featured a breathtaking Rani Haar that beautifully complemented her traditional red lehenga. This is a perfect piece for brides who want to get into the queen’s personality on the special day.

Mathapati Majesty

matha patti for brides

maang teeka maatha patti for bride

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The mathapatti, also known as the Maang Tikka, is a forehead ornament that adds a touch of grace to the bride's look. Mathappati is not a new type of modern-day jewelry but has been worn by women for a long time.  Although it is a part of the bridal jewelry set, these days we see even the bridesmaid wearing one such piece to look even more stylish.

Nowadays, we can see many celebrities adorning mathapatti at their wedding. Alia Bhatt’s choice of mathapati for her wedding with Ranbir Kapoor set a trend in motion. Along with that, we also should not miss out on mentioning Karishma Kapoor’s mathapatti at the same wedding. Alia’s piece not only adds a traditional touch but also enhances the bride's overall radiance. While, Karishma’s mathapatti is simple yet elegant, and perfect for one attending one such occasion.

Layering Magic

layered necklace for brides

auspicious navratan layered necklace

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As we say layering, we mostly refer to clothing. However, layering has become quite a significant trend in bridal jewelry as well. Celebrities, in particular, prefer wearing layered necklaces. Brides are also experimenting with the trend with various styles, lengths, and a mix of traditional and contemporary pieces. It helps in getting a personalized look.

Regal Bangles

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While we look for wedding jewelry, we mostly consider churas and kalireys. You should certainly go for them, and can also consider bangles that are embellished with stones, and pearls and have enamel floral motifs with a filigree design. These bangles can certainly be worn by the bride and even by those who are attending the wedding.

Indian weddings are never complete in just one day. There are several rituals followed and each of them demands a different outfit. If you are wearing a lehenga, you can pair a kundan necklace with it. With a saree or a gown, a maang tikka matches perfectly. And like that, you can pick the jewelry pieces that go well with your wedding ensemble. This adaptability ensures that you will look stunning in every outfit throughout the celebration. Some more suggestions for jewelry for your wedding that you can consider are as follows:

  • Bride's Maang Tikka: Choose a maang tikka that complements your face shape and of course hairstyle.
  • Necklace: While you pick a necklace, you should consider matching its style with your neckline. For instance, chokers for high necks, and longer pieces for deeper necklines.
  • Earrings: You should consider the weight of earrings for comfort; such as studs for heavy necklaces, and danglers for simpler necklines.
  • Bangles: Mix and match bangles to add color and contrast. You must consider both traditional as well as modern styles.
  • Nath (Nose Ring): Coordinate the nath style with your overall look, Oversized nose ring for bold statements, smaller for subtlety.
  • Mathapatti: Ensure the matha patti aligns well with your hairstyle. You can consider a lighter one for heavy outfits and vice versa.
  • Rings and Haathphool: Balance hand jewelry with other accessories; a statement ring can replace haathphool for a minimalist look.
  • Anklets: Match anklets with the style of your footwear; consider delicate anklets for heels and more substantial ones for flats.
  • Choice for Metal: Coordinate jewelry metals with your outfit. You should pick gold jewelry with warm tones, and silver goes well with cool tones.
  • Personal Touch: Incorporate family heirlooms or sentimental pieces for a personalized touch to your bridal ensemble. 
  • Kalireys

Wrapping it up!

Choosing the right bridal jewelry for wedding is as important as the wedding planning itself. If you want unique designs, you must take a look at Zariin’s bridal jewelry designs, which are one-of-a-kind. There is something for every bride at this online store. From the wide variety of necklaces to charming earrings, from graceful mathapattis and maang tikkas to bangles in several sizes, from rings to beautify the fingers to anklets for soft feet, Zariin has it all. Now the only thing that you have to do is take cues from these iconic celebrity looks and let your personality shine through.

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