The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Bridal Jewelry for Your Big Day

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Bridal Jewelry for Your Big Day

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The day of your wedding is the most enchanting day of your life. It is the day when your dreams turn into reality. You celebrate love in all its glory. And, needless to mention, you deserve to look the best. As we say looking the best, it is not just about your lehenga or your makeup and hairdo, it is also the jewelry that you will wear. After all, your jewelry will complete your look. Also, you must not forget that your bridal jewelry should be as unique and special as your love story. But where do you get them from? Well, this blog is going to answer all your questions. 

In this blog today, we are going to shed light on some of the jewelry collections that you can opt for. These collections are handcrafted and will make you the next talk of the town. You will surely love each piece that we suggest here and will be ready to flaunt them on your Instagram account. Let us now unleash the bridal jewelry set collection for you.

Shahana bridal jewellery set

shahana pearl choker for brides

Shop the Necklace

statement jhumkis for brides

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statement ring for brides

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green ring for brides

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stud earrings for brides

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statement bangle brides

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The pictures of the jewelry collection you see here are from Zariin’s Shahana collection. The collection is impeccably curated and pays tribute to the everlasting elegance and our royal heritage. The theme color of this bridal jewelry set collection is green, which exemplifies the values of growth, success, and grace. Within this green bridal jewelry collection, you will discover a diverse selection of tastefully crafted bangles, necklaces, earrings, and Indian bridal jewelry sets. Each of the jewelry pieces radiates regal charm. 

So, if you are fond of jewelry set designs that have old-world charm, you must consider Shahana collection. Necklaces, earrings, bangles, rings, you ask it and they have them all. However, make sure, your wedding attire has a green color in it. 

Sheeshmahal bridal collection

mirror polki necklace for brides

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chaand phool statement ring for brides

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minimla matha patti for brides

Shop the Maatha Patti

minimal pearl nath for brides

Shop the Nose Ring

chaand phool baalis and matching maang teeka

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This is another bridal collection by Zariin that looks divine. Just like Shahana, Sheeshmahal collection has also been inspired by our rich heritage and traditional Indian jewelry. The common thing in this entire collection is the mirror polki, which makes the collection look delicate. It has just the right bridal jewelry for wedding, especially for those who are in love with minimalistic aesthetics.

If you are not the bride but want to look as pleasing as it can be, or you are very close to the bride or groom attending their wedding, you can still choose jewelry pieces from this collection and look elegant. Apart from weddings, this pearl bridal jewelry can also be adorned by women during the festive season. Well, if you want to save some pennies while buying this jewelry collection, you can check out Zariin’s online store and find many of these on sale.

Noor, yet another collection from Zariin

lotus and pearl necklaces noor

pearl bracelet for brides

enamel and pearl earrings for brides

pink enamel and pearl maatha patti for brides

minimal pearl anklet for brides

Are you too excited about being the bridesmaid or attending the wedding of your loved one that you have been planning for a long time? Well, hold on and make sure you choose the best of the lot jewelry. While you browse through the beautiful jewelry collections at Zariin, do not forget to take a look at the Noor collection as well. Inspired by the mystical lotus, this 22kt gold-dipped collection beautifully intertwines with the essence of Indian identity. The lotus motif is considered a symbol of purity, beauty, and prosperity, meticulously detailed with meenakari in Pink with Green and White enamel.

The presence of lustrous pearls, epitomizing the delicacy of jewelry, makes this collection one of the best. What sets "Noor" apart is its versatile design, with each piece thoughtfully crafted for layering, enabling you to create a statement that aligns with your personal style and mood. The jewelry pieces from this collection are available in fascinating color combinations, such as White, Pink, and Green. Some come in complete White on gold plating. 

Tips on choosing the right bridal jewelry

Some tips for you to pick the perfect bridal jewelry:

  • Go for only the best quality bridal jewelry. Compromise on the quality of the jewelry can affect your overall look.
  • The color of your jewelry should match the color of your wedding outfit. It is, in fact, wise to buy the jewelry first and then the outfit.
  • The jewelry should match your neckline.
  • While too-light jewelry may look a bit odd, that does not mean you should go for too-heavy jewelry as well. The weight of the jewelry should be comfortable enough to be carried for long hours.

Wrapping it up!

If you want to explore even more designs, you can find many of them at Zariin. Apart from these three featured collections, you can come across an extensive bridal jewelry selection, with each design displaying its own distinguishing appeal. Many celebrities have been spotted adorning these unique pieces, further showing their charm as well as elegance. 

Whether you are a bride who is looking for exquisite dulhan sets or going to be a guest at a wedding seeking the perfect pearl bridal jewelry, Zariin is the place for you to shop from. You can get an unparalleled range to suit your taste and every occasion. What enhances the finish of Zariin jewelry pieces is the exquisite 22kt gold plating. This adds an extra layer of appeal to these exceptional pieces. Each of the jewelry pieces sold by Zariin also carries a lifetime guarantee on the plating. This means you can continue wearing them through the years. 

If you have been planning to add these jewelry to your wardrobe, we invite you to explore Zariin's online store today and place your order quickly.

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