Real Women and their Love Story (Part 1) - Dr Meenakshi

Real Women and their Love Story (Part 1) - Dr Meenakshi

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We are celebrating love and all kinds of love at Zariin this month by moving beyond the realms of romantic love. The Part 1 of the Love Story campaign features Dr Meenakshi and it is themed around eternal love and never ending romance she shares with her partner, Dr Atul. 36 years and going strong with a heart warming love story which is all about sticking together, making each other laugh and choosing each other, every single day above everyone else. They remind us that love is patient, love is kind, and putting your partner first can make all the difference.

love story dr meenakshi

1. How did you meet? Tell us your love story?
We are both actually from the same medical school. He’s a batch senior to me and surprisingly ,during college we didn’t know each other at all. But when I was interning and he was my house surgeon. Probably about 36 and a half years back. That’s when we met.

dr meenakshi and dr atul for zariin real women

2. How do you nurture relationship with your partner?
I think just growing together is part of nurturing. I think trying to look for time to spend with each other and I guess the children become a part of it. Taking holidays together, trying to take little breaks off. Because both of us have very heavy and busy schedules. I’m a gynaecologist. He’s an ENT surgeon. We both work at different hospitals. But still trying to take out time for each other and wanting to do so. Probably that’s what nurtures our relationship.

3. Two doctors….how do you make time for each other?
We definitely like to go on holidays. I’m a big travel buff. He’s very happy to go travelling with me. He doesn’t like to make travel plans but he’s very happy travelling with me. While we are in town, we still try to look for little breaks. I think our Wednesday coffee breaks are legendary. So we always make it a point that on Wednesdays we take out time and go for coffee break for an hour or two. Even my kids aren’t allowed at that time.

dr meenakshi for zariin love story campaign

Dr Meenakshi is seen here in jewelry from Zariin's Love Story collection

4. What habit of yours does your partner find most endearing?
That’s for him to tell and for me to find out. I really don’t know because I’m really a mess so I don’t know what works.

5. In what ways do you think you have grown or changed since you have been together?
I think I’m pretty much the same. Thank god for that because that’s what he fell for. I guess it’s very important to be the same person in a relationship because that’s what you love in each other. Of course, one grows and matures with time. I’m sure one gets more cranky, irritable and maybe less forgiving but I think I’m pretty much the same person.

dr meenakshi in zariin love story hoop earrings

Dr Meenakshi in Zariin's Dancing Hearts Hoop earrings

6. What has been the most valuable lesson learnt from each other?
I think what I’m still learning from him is patience. He’s a very patient person specially with me and anyone he loves. He’s very forgiving. He does get upset sometimes but he would forgive a million flaws in me which I’m still learning. That’s probably the biggest lesson I’m learning from him.

7. What is something you have yet to do together that you are looking forward to?
We still have to go to South America.

dr meenakshi in zariin love story ring

Dr Meenakshi is seen here in Wear Your Heart Ring

8. What advice on love and relationships would you give to your kids?
I think this was before we got married, I still share with everyone and will definitely share with my children, that he was just a 23 year old and I was a 22 year old. Still he had that wisdom to tell me two things. One, we’ll never sleep over a fight. We always make up before we go to sleep. Secondly, there will be few things I don’t like with your parents. There’ll be many things you won’t like in mine. But we’ll never let that come between us. Whatever happens in the world, we won’t let anything come between us because of others.

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