Real Women and their Love Story (Part 2) - Meher Malik

Real Women and their Love Story (Part 2) - Meher Malik

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We continue to celebrate love with the Part 2 of our Love Story campaign with Meher Malik. Her’s is a story which is a testament to the evolving nature of love. From the heart fluttering beginnings to a journey of deep companionship, and eventually transforming into a bond that defines family. Love, as Meher shows us, doesn’t end, it merely shift and changes form, growing into something equally profound. Together with her ex-partner, they’ve built a sanctuary of love for their daughter, proving that home isn’t a place, but a connection with those we cherish.

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1.Can you describe the journey of transitioning from a romantic relationship with your ex-husband  to developing a platonic co parenting bond?

I don’t think it's ever easy when a romantic relationship goes from being that way to being a platonic relationship. It has its challenges. Two people have certain expectations and when things don’t go that way, that can lead upto some very stressful, difficult situations. But if you look at the greater picture and recognise that your child is actually the utmost priority in your life, you want set an example. So I think the platonic relationship evolved out of our desire and our wish to set a healthy example for our child to let her know that relationships can change, but people don’t need to hate each other. They can transform and they can transform with love.

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Meher is seen here in Love Story jewelry by Zariin

2. How do you nurture the relationship with yourself?

Being a mom, I don’t get a lot of time to nurture myself. But, whatever time I do get, I make sure to read, to travel and also my work. Because I’m so deeply involved in the work of movement and healing, my work is nourishment to me.That is something I feel very blessed for because that is not the case with most people. My work enables me to be connected to my body, be connected with nature and to do what I love the most.

3. What advice would you give someone who is considering the same path as you?

Sometimes things are designed to change, to be different. In that sense, I feel that you actually get the chance to start something different and be at the forefront of something different. So when I think that two people who have separated from a romantic relationship like marriage. They get a chance to re-evaluate that marriage from a different point of view. And so the question is not whether the relationship works or not. The question is whether we can still be compassionate human beings to each other. And that is something, I feel that people who break up and end marriages, should really consider. Because in the end of it, it’s not going to hurt as much than something that didn’t work. It’s going to hurt if it carries resentment and anger inside your heart.

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Meher in Hearty Art Pendant Necklace

4. On occasions like Valentine’s Day which typically emphasis romantic love, how do you and your ex husband celebrate you share as a family unit?

Well since Valentine’s Day is mostly celebrating romantic love, it doesn’t mean much to us and doesn’t have much value to us. But I think when you kind of move from this dialogue of love in a relationship versus becoming love, then I think everyday is Valentine’s Day. And you can live in the energy of love. And it wasn’t possible for us to transition this relationship if we were not living in the energy of love.

meher in dancing hearts hoop earrings

Meher in Dancing Hearts Hoop Earrings

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Meher in Wear Your Heart Ring

5. Could you share how you both manage to balance individual parenting styles while maintaining a consistency for your daughter?

I think both of us have extremely opposite parenting styles. But I think in that way, it is giving our daughter exposure to how mom and dad can be so different but can still respect and value each other’s opinions and styles. The moment you pull away this idea that someone needs to be exactly the way you want them to be, you start to see them for who you are and I think that’s where actually the love begins. So, it’s wonderful actually that she gets to see two different parenting styles and for both of us to be able to learn from each other.

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