Real Women - Aparna Verma

Real Women - Aparna Verma

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Fashion is for all ages. Fashion should be for all ages. Asserting this idea in the most beautiful and glamorous ways is our Real Women muse - Aparna Verma. Discover her story to know how a dentist for the longest years of her life is a fashion muse today and treading the ramp at Lakme Fashion Week. Aparna’s story and personal take on fashion is a reflection of the fact why style cannot be defined or limited by age.

aparna verma in zariin jewelry

Aparna is seen wearing crystal jewellery from Zariin's Dazzle collection. 

My Journey of Joy

I have been a dentist for a lot many years of my life. Very recently during COVID-19, I was approached by a friend and a fantastic designer to model for him. It was a very liberating experience because I went from an absolute amateur to a person who had to take her clothes off in front of the camera. It was exhilarating, liberating and exciting at the same time. Thankfully, I think to my great luck, I was suddenly becoming the person who carried the colour du jour which is my grey hair. Suddenly, the world sat up and noticed women who are rocking their grey hair. It just opened so many doors for me. It opened my eyes before I think anyone else’s to my own freedom from conforming to any certain way, to feeling a certain way, to be told or to be put in a box. I’m extremely happy to carry it. If somebody told me to go back to colour, I wouldn’t go back. Thankfully, I think the world is noticing and so senior models like me are getting chances. We are being called. We are being asked to walk. It’s been a fantastic journey. Recently, when I worked with Lakme Fashion Week……when you are there in front of everybody and you are told that you are looking great with whoever you are with carrying your own natural form, your natural colour, it’s a really amazing piece of space and time. I love that.

model aparna verma in zariin ring

Aparna colour blocks her look with Modern Begum Stud Earrings and Colour Code Navratna Ring

colourblocking with zariin's heirloom jewellery

Aparna layers two necklaces - Modern Begum Link Necklace and Dream of the Past Pendant Necklace

aparna verma in green onyx ring

Aparna finishes her look with Reflection of You Green Onyx Statement Ring

purple on purple look

Aparna seen in the statement Navratna ring - Colour Code Navratna Ring

Moments of Joy

I am a person with a lot of discipline in myself. On an average day, you’ll find me either working out or working with holistic home care remedies and happily snuggling with my dogs. I have four of them…they are a handful but I absolutely love them.

My Style and Relationship with Jewellery

I remember as a younger person, I’ve always been a minimalistic person. I would love simple, stylish pieces which my mother would argue with me that who is going to see this and why would it be visible on you! Especially, when we wrap ourselves in these beautiful sarees…the so called minimalist pieces tend to get hidden or overwhelmed by the fantastic textures and beauty of the designs that we have. But I feel now, strangely enough, I find myself gravitating more and more towards statement pieces, chunky jewellery and things which will make the whole outfit stand out. So, I think I have evolved and I think jewellery itself has evolved because they have gone from those extremely overstated pieces to pieces which are dynamic..they understand the client more…they understand the customer more…they are pretty and at the same time that are light . They don’t overwhelm you. They don’t take over your personality. So you don’t look like a mannequin of carrying something but it enhances you, your outfit and who you are. So yes, I think today’s jewellery is something that is very exciting and I’m very happy with what’s coming out.

aparna verma in navratna necklaces

aparna verma in shakti navratna choker necklace

Aparna Verma seen here in Power Moves Navratna Choker Necklace and Dream of the Past Pendant Necklace

aparna verma in modern begum green onyx bracelet

Aparna is wearing the Modern Begum Bracelet

colour pop navratna earrings

Aparna Is wearing the Colour Pop Navratna Earrings

My Musings

Very recently, the Word magazine did an article on women in their late 40s and 50s. They made a very pertinent point and that is why should these women, who are young of mind, young of body, and young in general - Why should they not dress in their own way? Why should they not dress as young as anybody else? If they can carry it off, why should they not wear large jewellery pieces or why should they not wear a pop of colour? And I completely agree. I’m so proud of these people for making a shoutout for inclusion of just about anyone.

aparna verma in crystal statement earrings

aparna verma in dazzling drama shoulder duster earrings

Aparna finishes her all black look with crystal statement earrings. Seen here in Dazzling Drama Shoulder Duster Earrings

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