Real Women - Shivanie Mirchandani, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Minus 30

Real Women - Shivanie Mirchandani, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Minus 30

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The final edition of the Real Women series for Shakti features Shivanie Mirchandani. One half of the force behind the gelato brand Minus 30. We delve into the snippets of their story of Shakti and how along with her sister Gayatri, they introduced vegan ice creams in India.

Shivanie has styled her multi-coloured Navratan jewellery from Shakti with an ethereal white chikankari kurta.

shivanie mirchandani with her team Shivanie with her team. Wearing Navratan jewelry from Shakti

What inspired you to take traditional concepts and infuse them with a modern twist in your entrepreneurial journey?
A pinch of  passion, a heap of hard work and a scoop of love. 
We discovered our love for making good-for-you ice creams in 2016, when they made their first batch of guilt-free gelato in 2017 !  

Since then, the brand has evolved to offer over 40 different flavors including a range of vegan and sugar-free creations that taste even better than the originals.

Could you share a bit about your personal background and cultural influences that led you to explore this path?
Gayatri is a trained professional chef with a penchant for all things sweet. A graduate of LSE with a career in marketing and branding, 
Shivanie is a health and fitness enthusiast with a degree from the University of Nottingham and a background in cost and project management.

shivanie in modern navratan jewellery

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What were some challenges you faced while adapting to a modern audience and the new digital world? How did you overcome these challenges?
We used digital media, learnt along the way and targeted the right audience ! Our customer stickiness is at 80% and word of mouth also helped us alot.

Can you share a particular instance or story where your innovative approach led to a significant triumph or breakthrough?
Celebrities instagrammed the product on their own because they liked the taste and that led to viral ordering !

What kind of impact do you hope to create in your community or industry?
Clean food, clean products and a healthy future. 

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Have you received any memorable feedback or reactions from individuals who have experienced your work?
Yes plenty ! 

What moments or milestones do you consider as particularly emblematic of your personal triumphs within this endeavor?
Growing from a small home kitchen into two large factories over the last 5 years ! 

Is there any advice you would give to women in business?
Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.

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What are your future plans for your venture? How do you envision the evolution of your modernized traditional concept over time?
To grow Minus 30 into a pan-India brand and be the market leader in healthy gelato/ice cream category 

Looking back on your journey so far, what legacy do you hope to leave through your innovative approach ?
Nothing is impossible, dream big!

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