Gold Chain Buying Guidance and Advice

Gold Chain Buying Guidance and Advice

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Gold chains as jewelry have held a special place in the hearts of Indian men and women. It is a symbol of wealth and refined taste, the gold chain has been amongst the most popular everyday wear jewelry second only to a wedding ring. Even in India, the popularity of gold chains is very high, with several variations of thickness, style, and weight being available to the buyers. Gold in India is not only appreciated for its monetary value but also is believed to bring good fortune. Gold is associated with prosperity and is even offered to deities.

Although the gold chain price is reaching its peak, it has never stopped people from buying the latest and new model gold chain. You can get the best and most unique gold neckless design which can even be worn regularly. And for those who do not want to go for gold chains, can opt for gold-plated chains that look no less than real gold chains. Made of brass, the gold-plated chains that come with daily wear gold chain design are gorgeous and easy to carry. So, before going forward with the types of gold or gold-plated chains you can choose from, let us discuss what to check while buying a gold chain.

Things to check when you buy a gold chain

Here we are mentioning some tips for you that would help you to buy a gold chain.

The grade of the chain:

By grade, we mean the purity of the gold chain. To evaluate this, you have to check the karat of gold. The higher the karat value of gold, the purer it is and in turn the softer it is. Therefore, if you want to buy something that you can wear daily, you can pick a 20kt gold chain. If a gold chain is 18kt, the shade will be darker and the shine may not last for long. On the other hand, a 22kt gold chain is lighter and brighter but prone to bending easily. Gold chain price in India or anywhere in this world varies as per the grade of the gold.

Link style of the chain:

The link of the gold chain decides how much it can bend or the chance of breaking. For example, zig-zag or omega chains are more prone to twisting. These chains may cause a lot of trouble when you wear them. Therefore, you must check and be sure that the chain does not get easily tangled in fabric.

Smoothness of the chain:

To stay away from any discomfort, you must choose a chain that is smooth in texture, especially if it is for daily wear. If a chain is not smooth enough, it may not only damage your fabric but may even irritate your skin.

Length of the chain:

You need to decide the length of the chain, which depends on the length of your neck. If you have an elongated neck, you should choose a short gold chain. On the other hand, if your neck is short, you may go for an 18-20 inches chain.

The various types of gold-plated chains to choose from

If you ever get confused while choosing from the latest gold chain models, you can consider opting for gold-plated chains that look equally good. You can wear them regularly and of course, save some pennies. So, let us check out some of the best gold-plated chains for women.

Snake chain

snake gold plated chain

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A snake chain is one of the best options if you are looking for something to wear every day. It will fall on the collarbones and create a flattering look. This chain can be teamed up with any kind of outfit that you choose for the day. And if you are trying to go for a minimalistic look, nothing can beat this chain.

Link chain

link chain

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Also called a chain link necklace, it is a stylish piece that will enhance your fashion sense. It fairly goes well with the Western outfit and undoubtedly with office formals. If you want to create a dramatic look, you can wear one or two more chains or necklaces to get layers.

Lariat chain necklace

lariat gold plated chain

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For an unmatched feminine look, you must try a lariat chain necklace. It creates a dramatic look when paired with the right outfit. If you want to pick a unique piece, you can opt for a lariat necklace with a gemstone on its end. 

Pendant chain necklace

pendant necklace

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If you are the kind of woman who prefers a small pendant on her chain, then you can certainly look at the pendant necklaces. The pendant is attached to the necklace and usually has an enamel finish. You can pick the color that you want and flaunt your neckpiece.

Apart from these, several new model gold chains will leave you awestruck. You can in fact purchase several gold-plated chains and keep changing them as per your outfit and the occasion. These are usually excellent choices when it comes to regular wear. Our gold chains are made of pure brass and come with a lifetime warranty on the 22kt plating it has. Anytime the shine wears off, you may have it taken care of at Zariin.

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