Various Styles of Wearing your Gemstones

Various Styles of Wearing your Gemstones

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Astrological gemstones have been worn by people since time immemorial. From precious and semi-precious stone rings to stone necklaces, there are various ways of wearing gemstones. The best thing about gemstones is that you can even use them to style up your overall look of the day. And while you are wearing them, you can bask in the beneficial effect that the gemstones have on you.

If there is any negative influence of the planets on you, the gemstones will help to ward them off. However, the most important thing that you have to consider when it comes to gemstones is the correct way to wear them.

Here in this blog, let us discuss the various types of gemstone jewelleries that you can wear.

Gemstone necklaces

gemstone necklace

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Necklaces are some of the most popular jewellery worn around the world and it is also a great way to wear gemstones. Many people wear birthstones that are believed to give them generic protection and bring luck, as well as other specific gemstones which bring a specific blessing in their lives. An example of a beneficial gemstone necklace is this chakra healing necklace. A stylish necklace that aids in balancing the energy points in your body. The gold plated necklace gives even a gorgeous look to the stones and balances its sheen.

Gemstone earrings

chakra healing earrings

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A pair of earrings is perhaps one of the key jewelry pieces that every woman loves to wear. While choosing earrings like these chakra healing long earrings not only elevate your look, but also strengthen many aspects of your life from an astrological point of view. The only thing that you have to consider is choosing a pair that has a distinctive design and goes well with many types of looks. You can keep your look stylish while harnessing the benefits of these stones.

Gemstone rings

navratna ring

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A stone ring looks fabulous around the fingers. From an emerald ring to a navaratna ring, from a black stone ring to a red stone ring, you can choose a stone that suits you. As you choose a stone ring, make sure you know about its astrological significance and accordingly pick one. Apart from this, you can also choose from the various designs of rings available online. All that you need to know is the size of the finger or you can even go for adjustable rings.

Gemstone bracelet

navratna bracelet

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A gemstone bracelet is another popular option of wearing a gemstone regularly. A great example of this is a navratan bracelet which looks fabulous. A navratan bracelet is named so as it consists of nine types of gemstones which will protect you against nine different types of harmful effects. Besides, this kind of a bracelet also looks super stylish, making it the perfect jewelry piece to wear with a party outfit.

Now that you are aware of the several types of jewelry pieces that are embellished with various gemstones, all that you have to do is to choose the designs of the jewelry carefully. You can even take a look at the online store of Zariin to find the jewelry pieces that match your style. The Zariin gemstone jewelry pieces are made of pure brass and are 22kt gold plated. You can buy these jewelry pieces from the comfort of your home.

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