Tips to Style Jhumka Earrings for Different Occasions?

Tips to Style Jhumka Earrings for Different Occasions?

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  • What is jhumka jewellery?
  • Jhumkas for weddings
  • Jhumkas for the festive season
  • Jhumkas for a formal event
  • Jhumkas for a casual event
  • Jhumkas for daily wear
  • Tips for choosing jhumka jewellery

    Jhumka style earrings never go out of style and have remained a style icon through the ages. Comes the festive season, you will find most of the women in India wearing jhumka jewellery. Even during Indian weddings, the famous ladies jhumkas get the most limelight. The best thing about jhumkas is that you can pair them with almost all types of ethnic outfits. These days, we even see many ladies choosing fusion styles wherein they match small and simple jhumkas with their Western outfits. So, let us discuss what jhumka earrings are and how you can style them for different occasions.

    What is jhumka jewellery?

    Jhumka is a type of earring that usually has a dome-like structure that dangles. It is attached to studs that give it a signature look. The ladies jhumkas come in various sizes such as small, medium, and large. You can choose one to wear depending on the occasion and the outfit you have chosen.

    Let us now talk about the styling tips of jhumkas for various occasions.

    Jhumkas for weddings

    jhumkas for weddings


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    wedding jhumkas

    No matter who is getting married, you can wear big jhumkas for a wedding in all scenarios. Even on your own wedding, Jhumkas can be easily paired with the rest of bridal jewelry as well as your bridal outfit. Choosing the big jhumkas will make you stand out of the crowd as they will attract all the attention. If you are attending someone’s wedding, you can even opt for medium size jhumkas. Along with size, you also have to pay attention to the design while choosing jhumkas for the wedding. You can preferably go for a filigree design since it looks unique and apt for the occasion. You must check out the stunning jhumka earrings for lehenga which will only elevate your entire look. 

    Jhumkas for the festive season

    jhumkas for festive season


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    The festive season in India remains for quite a long time and it is the perfect time to pair those lovely jhumkas with your gorgeous outfit. If you are planning to drape six yards of pure elegance, you can opt for jhumka earrings for saree. The jhumka earrings for sarees can be anything from stone studded to enamel. These add many colors to the jhumka and you can expertly match them to your festive attire.

    Jhumkas for a formal event

    jhumkas for formal events

    If you are planning to team up your outfit with a jhumka for a formal occasion, then you need to make sure that it is simple in design and compatible with your outfit. Choosing something too blingy may not be the ideal choice. Also, instead of a mix of two or three colors or stones, you can go for simple pearl beads embellished in the jhumkas. The new model jhumkas are the best earrings to wear with kurtis.

    Jhumkas for a casual event

    jhumka for casual events


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    If it is a casual event and you cannot just get over jhumkas, fret not, because you can carry them well with not only a kurta but also your co-ord set. Jhumkas go very well with some western dresses. However, you can look for smaller pieces that look versatile and can go with various types of outfits.

    Jhumkas for daily wear

    jhumka for daily wear


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    When you choose jhumka earrings for daily wear, you can even carry them with minimal makeup. Even with a simple outfit, you can wear your jhumkas and look outstanding. The only thing that has to be taken care of is the minimalistic design. If you wear the jhumka in day hours, then the flashy earrings can overpower your entire look.

    Tips for choosing jhumka jewellery

    Here are some of the tips that you can follow while buying jhumka style earrings.

    • You need to ensure the quality of the jhumka earrings. You must opt for jhumka earrings that are made of metals like brass or silver. You also need to check for the embellishments used, so that they do not come off
    • You can choose a versatile design of jhumkas. This will enable you to wear the earrings with various types of outfits. Go for the ones with neutral colors 
    • You need to be sure of the size of the jhumkas. If you have a long neck length, you can go for jhumkas that are big in size. On the other hand, women with short necks can opt for small-size jhumkas
    • It will be a very good idea if you can get a warranty on the jhumkas, especially if they are gold plated. This will help you to stay away from the worry of the shine of the jhumkas wearing off.

    Jhumkas mostly come in the most common shape; however, you can find several new designs in this type of earring. All that you need to do is to choose a pair of jhumkas as per the occasion, your neck length, and your attire. For the best collection of jhumkas as well as other varieties of earrings, you can visit Zariin, an online store. Along with a wide variety of designs, you will also get a lifelong warranty on the gold plating, which means the sheen on the metal will never fade. Last, but not the least, you will get your order in just three days.

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