Best Advice for Buying your Wedding Jewellery

Best Advice for Buying your Wedding Jewellery

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Weddings are always an occasion when you want to dress the best that you can. But when it comes to your own wedding, the excitement to look the most gorgeous and enchanting drives you to find the best look for yourself.

The bridal attires help you express your inner sense of style and most brides take a lot of care and effort in choosing the perfect bridal wear for each part of the wedding ceremony. The right bridal jewelry enables you to complete your transformation into a stunning bride and captivate everyone present at the wedding.

Finding the bridal dulhan jewellery set can be a challenge due to the sheer number of options available these days. That is why keeping in mind the following words of advice can make the task of buying your dream wedding marriage bridal jewellery set a sheer delight.

Important tips for buying your wedding jewellery

  • Know the trending wedding jewellery
  • Choose your jewelry before your wedding outfit
  • Pick jewelry as per your skin tone and face shape
  • Best not to go overboard
  • Pay heed to head jewelry
  • Buy reusable jewelry
  • Never compromise with the quality
  • Choose jewelry for comfort

    Know what is trending

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    haath phool

    Keeping up with the trends is the sure-shot way of avoiding looking outdated and antique at your wedding. All that you need to do is do a bit of research on what the brides are wearing these days. This will help you keep up with the recent trend and you can be the stylish bride you are. It will also help you to easily select the right pieces when you are out shopping.

    Choose your jewelry before your wedding outfit

    pearl choker for weddings

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    This is one of the most missed opportunities by many brides to expertly match their lehenga with bridal jewelry. We all know that bridal jewelry is more expensive than a bridal lehenga. Therefore, it is prudent to choose your bridal dulhan jewellery before you finalize your wedding outfit. It will also help you in picking the apt lehenga and deciding the neckline that will go the best with the wedding gold necklace set.

    Pick jewelry as per your skin tone and face shape

    jhumkas for weddings

    chaand baalis

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    Jewelry shopping is not just about the design; it is also a lot about what suits you the best. And for that, you must consider choosing jewelry pieces that match your skin tone. For example, if you have a warm tone, you can choose jewelry pieces made of gold or brass. On the other hand, women with lighter skin tones can go for jewelry made of silver, platinum, diamond, or pearl. Another thing that must be considered is your face shape, especially when you are opting for a necklace or a pair of earrings. For example, if you have a square face, you should choose a necklace of long length. For earrings, women with square faces should pick round earrings, and so on.

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    Best not to go overboard

    light weddign sets

    long necklace

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    Gone are the days when wedding jewelry meant heavy pieces around your neck, earlobes, and arms. Earlier, the wedding gold necklaces for Indian brides used to be as heavy as their outfits. However, not anymore! You can wear light jewelry or even layer two-three light necklaces and still manage to look like a gorgeous bride. The only thing to be kept in mind is maintaining a balance between your best bridal jewellery and your stunning wedding outfit. You can even check out the latest dulhan jewellery sets at an online store like Zariin wherein you will come across several types of wedding gold jewellery sets and wedding pearl jewellery with prices.

    Pay heed to head jewelry

    maang teekas

    maatha patti

    head jewellery

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    Forehead or head jewelry like a matha patti or a maang tikka need to be chosen wisely. It is a simple gold jewellery set for marriage that catches a lot of attention. Therefore, picking the right head jewelry is important. If you have a small face, a maang tikka will elevate the look, and for a bigger face, a matha patti will be the best choice.

    Buy reusable jewelry


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    Wedding jewelry is mostly expensive. Therefore, it is sensible to buy those that can be reused on other occasions. You can choose from the designs that look perfect for a wedding and can also be used for other traditional functions like an engagement party, mehendi, or even Diwali. For this, you can choose simple yet intricate designs that can be more versatile.

    Never compromise with the quality

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    Every wedding is unique and your wedding jewelry has to reflect well on yourself and your family. Whether you are considering wearing a heavy jewellery set for a wedding or picking something light, you should never compromise the quality. You must go for wedding jewelry pieces that do not lose their sheen and last a lifetime. 

    Choose jewelry for comfort


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    The Indian wedding rituals go for long hours, and you might need to wear your jewelry for the entire time. Therefore, you must choose your wedding jewelry that you feel comfortable wearing. You can opt for pieces that are not too heavy and that you can carry without being too conscious about it. And when we say wedding jewelry, along with neck pieces and earrings we must not forget rings, bangles, and even anklets.

    Following these tips or advice can help you not only make your jewelry more stylish but also save you a ton of time in wedding shopping. You can then use this time in paying attention to make other parts of your wedding more amazing. To save a lot of time and money you can head over to Zariin’s Bridal Jewellery catalogue and find expertly crafted unique jewelry pieces. Everything gets delivered for free to you within three days of shopping and comes with a lifetime warranty on the sheen of the jewelry.

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