Guide to Complimenting Earrings for Various Face Shapes

Guide to Complimenting Earrings for Various Face Shapes

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    If you ever find yourself confused while choosing a gift for a woman, a stylish pair of earrings is often considered the safest bet. Most women wear earrings and are also fond of trying various types of earrings. The secret of buying a good pair of earrings is to go for the earrings according to the face shape of the wearer. There are various types of face shapes based on the proportions of facial features and choosing the best earrings as per the shape of your face can make a huge difference in how one looks after wearing them. 

    Best-suited earrings for every face shape

    There are certainly various types of earrings but not all of them suit everyone. The reason is because they do not go well with the shape of our face. Are you now wondering about how to check face shape? Well, let us delve into some of the most common face shapes of all time in this blog today, along with the right earrings. 

    Earrings for Round Face

    earrings for round face shape

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    As the name suggests, the shape of the face is round. The cheekbones are wider and the area around the forehead and jawline are narrow. The best types of earrings for a round face are dangler earrings or drop earrings. The round is one of the most common face shapes and elongated earrings give the round shape the perception of much-needed length.

    Earrings for Oval Face

    earrings for oval face shape

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    You can determine an oval-shaped face if the forehead is not too wide. The next thing to check is the line from the forehead blends with the high cheekbones. The chin is slightly rounded. The perfect earrings for oval face shape are studs, hoops, and triangle-shaped earrings. Oval face shapes are also commonly found in nature and you can experiment with other jewellery designs as well.

    Earrings for Square Face


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    You can figure out a square-shaped face that has similar width of the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. If you are looking for the apt square-shaped earrings, then you can go for the oval-shaped ones or the medium-long rounded ones. This compliments the strong jawline that often accompanies the square face shape and softens your features.

    Earrings for Diamond-shaped Face

    earrings for diamond face shape

    The sign of a diamond-shaped face is prominent cheekbones. The forehead as well as the chin are narrower than the cheekbones. The diamond-shaped faces also have eyes as the widest part. The earrings for a diamond face shape that look absolutely gorgeous are studs. Women with diamond-shaped faces should avoid wearing long earrings as it makes the face look further stretched.

    Earrings for Heart-shaped Face

    earrings for heart shaped face

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    The chins of the heart-shaped faces are sharp. To make a perfect balance, women with one such face shape should wear teardrop-shaped dangle earrings. The other types of earrings that go well with this face shape are jhumkas, geometric danglers, and chandelier earrings. It complements the narrow jawbones of the wearer and accentuates the ears well.

    Earrings for Triangle Face

    triangular shaped face earrings

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    A triangle-shaped face has a slim forehead and a wide jaw. The features of this face shape are more angular. Therefore, the perfect earrings for a face shape that is triangular are thread earrings or long tassel earrings. They balance the narrow chin of the triangle face shape and create visual symmetry.

    Choosing the right earrings according to your type of face shape is very important. It can either make or mar your complete look. This is why the foremost thing you need to consider while purchasing the next pair of earrings is the shape of your face. Once you have determined it, you can start trying out the complimenting earrings and witness the magic of earring design yourself.

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