Zodiac Demystified – Your Guide to Choosing the Right Birthstone and Zodiac Gifts

Zodiac Demystified – Your Guide to Choosing the Right Birthstone and Zodiac Gifts

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In every culture of the world, a lot of emphasis has been placed on the significance of one’s time of birth and the way it has effects on one’s life. There are still many people worldwide who place a lot of belief in the idea of zodiac signs, horoscopes, and birthstones. It helps us feel connected to others who share our sun sign or zodiac sign.

Each zodiac sign has an affinity to one or more birthstones which strengthens their best qualities and improves the life of those wearing it.  If you are curious to know which birthstone would suit you, then you are going to find this blog interesting. And while you do so, you can even enlighten yourself with the gift options that are amazing for specific zodiac signs.

Zodiac and birthstones

The zodiac is an astrological phenomenon where the sun, the moon, and major planets move along the sky on their respective paths. Based on the celestial bodies positioned in the sky, one can determine their zodiac sign according to date of birth. That is why finding out the zodiac sign dates of birth is a common practice among people. Let us discuss the birthstones as well as apt gift options for your zodiac signs dates, at length.

Birthstones by Zodiac signs

Astrological Sign


Birthstone and Meaning


Jan 21 to Feb 19

Garnet for vitality and passion


Feb 20 to Mar 20

Amethyst for calm and rejuvenation


Mar 21 to Apr 20

Bloodstone for action and vitality


Apr 21 to May 21

Sapphire for self-expression and truth


May 22 to Jun 21

Agate for balance and stability


Jun 22 to Jul 22

Emerald for love and kindness


Jul 23 to Aug 22

Onyx for strength and calm


Aug 23 to Sep 23

Carnelian for confidence and passion


Sep 24 to Oct 23

Peridot for radiance and purpose


Oct 24 to Nov 22

Topaz for strength and intelligence


Nov 23 to Dec 21

Turquoise for wellbeing and good fortune


Dec 22 to Jan 20

Ruby for protection and vitality

Aries Zodiac Sign

aries birthstone necklace

People born between the 21st of March and the 20th of April fall under the sun sign of Aries.

They are adventurous, courageous, dynamic, and energetic. You can choose a zodiac necklace with the sculpted motif of the Ram, which is the symbol of Aries. The necklace will keep reminding you of your powerful traits. You can wear one such necklace as an everyday piece of jewelry. You can also choose a necklace with Cz, which is apt for people born in April.

Aries Birthstone: Amethyst

Taurus Zodiac Sign

taurus linked necklace

The patient, reliable, lively, determined, and persistent Taurians are born between the 21st of April and the 21st of May.

You can either choose to wear a Rose Quartz embellished in a pendant or ring, or you can opt for a lariat necklace with a sculpted motif of the Bull symbolizing Taurus.

Taurus Birthstone: Rose Quartz

Gemini Zodiac Sign

gemini zodiac ring

Geminis are born between the 22nd of May and the 21st of June.

These people are associated with traits such as communicative, witty, versatile, adaptable, etc. You can wear a piece of jewelry that has the motif of Twins in it. You can give one such zodiac ring as a gift to a Gemini which would give it a personal touch.

Gemini Birthstone: Aquamarine

Cancer Zodiac Sign

cancer zodiac candle

If you were born between the 22nd of June and the 22nd of July, you are a Cancerian.

The traits you are likely to possess are emotional, loving, sympathetic, empathetic, kind, and cautious. Giving a Cancerian a piece of jewelry as a gift is no doubt a good idea but gifting them a wellness candle is equally great. It will help them relax on the days when they overthink a lot.

Cancer Birthstone: Moonstone

Leo Zodiac Sign

leo zodiac giftbox

The 23rd of July to 23rd of August is the period between which Leos are born.

The warm-hearted, generous, faithful, and loving Leos are fond of luxury in life. If your zodiac sign is Leo and you want to buy something related to your sign, then you can get a gift box in which you will get a gold-plated necklace with lion motifs and a Fire element pendant necklace.

Leo Birthstone: Black Tourmaline

Virgo Zodiac Sign

virgo essential oil roll on

Virgos are born between the 23rd of August and the 23rd of September.

People born under this sign are shy and modest yet reliable, practical, diligent, and intelligent. Virgos will appreciate jewelry that has motifs of the Virgin symbolizing their sun sign, but you can also give them essential oil that will help calm them down and release all kinds of negativity.

Virgo Birthstone: Peridot

Libra Zodiac Sign

libra linked necklace

The charming Librans celebrate their birthdays between the 24th of September and the 22nd of October.

Since you are romantic, urbane, easy-going, sociable, and peace-loving, a lariat necklace that has sculpted motifs of the Scale, which is also the symbol of Libra may woo you. This can also make a great gift item for that Libran sibling or friend of yours.

Libra Birthstone: Lapis Lazuli

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

scorpio linked necklace

The 23rd of October to the 22nd of November is the birth month of Scorpions.

This is a very interesting sign that has traits such as intuitive, determined, passionate, powerful, and magnetic. If you want to make a Scorpion happy with a gift, then you can choose a zodiac necklace. They are quite obsessed with their sign. A necklace with sculptured motifs of the Scorpion can even be worn as an everyday piece of jewelry.

Scorpio Birthstone: Red Jasper

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

sagittarius layered necklace

The Sagittarius month starts on the 23rd of November and lasts till the 21st of December.

Sagittarians love their freedom and are optimistic, intellectual, and quite straightforward. If you want to pick a gift for a Sagittarian, you can go for a zodiac necklace or even choose a necklace with a pendant embellished with Turquoise stone. This stone will help in balancing all the chakras of the ones who wear it. The stone also works as a protective talisman.

Sagittarius Birthstone: Blue Topaz

Capricorn Zodiac Sign

capricorn zodiac ring

The dates between which people born under the Capricorn zodiac sign are the 22nd of January to the 20th of February.

The personality traits associated with this zodiac sign are ambitious, disciplined, reserved, and witty. Capricorns are quite fond of jewelry; therefore, a linked zodiac ring can be an awesome gift option for them. This will not only have motifs of the Capricorn symbol, the Sea Goat but can also be worn as a piece of fashion jewelry.

Capricorn Birthstone: Malachite

Aquarius Zodiac Sign

aquarius zodiac giftbox

The Aquarius month falls between the 21st of January and the 19th of February.

If you have a friend whose birthday is coming during this time and you want to give something meaningful and personal, nothing can beat a zodiac ring. There are such zodiac rings with the symbol of Aquarius available for both men and women. Another gift option is a gift box with zodiac necklace and Air element pendant necklace since Air is the main element of this zodiac sign.

Aquarius Birthstone: Garnet

Pisces Zodiac Sign

pisces layered necklace

The last sign of the zodiac, the Pisces month is considered to be between the 20th of February and the 20th of March.

The Pisceans are kind yet sensitive, imaginative, and compassionate. Their secretive trait may sometimes make you wonder about everything that is going on in their life. While you are looking for a gift option for Pisceans, a necklace with sculpted motifs of the Fish can make a great one. You even choose a necklace with a Labradorite stone embedded in it.

Birthstone: Labradorite

Day of birth and birthstones

Did you know that apart from choosing birthstones month-wise or as per your zodiac sign, you can also go for them as per the day of the week you were born? Well, in case you are not very sure of it, here you can go through the below table to figure it out:

Day of the week

Your ruling planet






For awareness and purpose




For passion and energy




For calm and balance



Yellow Sapphire

For joy and prosperity




For love and magnificence



Blue Sapphire

For sincerity and truthfulness




For abundance and vivacity

While you choose your zodiac gift and birthstone, you can check the zodiac sign according to birth date, the month and day of the week you were born, and then take the call. This will help you to maintain compatibility when choosing your birthstone. It will bring a lot of positive qualities into your life while getting you on the path to self-improvement.

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