Birthstone Jewelry and Gifting Guide for Virgos

Birthstone Jewelry and Gifting Guide for Virgos

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Zodiac is considered by many people as a way of finding insights about the behavior of others. Every sign of the Zodiac is empowered with some special properties that set it apart from the larger human population. The sixth sign of the zodiac, Virgos are born between 23rd August and 22nd September. Many of us do not understand the various properties of Virgos that make them unique. For example, if you are wondering about Virgo’s meaning, it is Virgin. It is symbolized as a lady holding a spike of grain. In this blog, we are going to talk about the traits, birthstones, and gift options that are apt for people born under the Virgo sign.

Traits of a Virgo man

Do you ever want to come across a man who is selfless, focused, analytical, and caring at the same time? Well, if your answer is yes, you should definitely look for a Virgo man. Some of the common traits of Virgo men are hardworking, problem-solving, calculative, and intuitive. You may find them a bit reserved in the company of strangers but at ease with family and friends. 

Traits of a Virgo woman

The traits of a Virgo woman are quite similar to her counterpart. She is intelligent, hardworking, honest, intuitive, a problem solver, and a cleanliness lover. Last but not least, she is great at financing. So, if a Virgo woman is one of your parents, siblings, spouse, partner, or friend, keep her close to you because she is going to be with you, no matter what.

What is the birthstone for Virgos?

If you ask about all Virgo birthstones, you may come across several names such as Emerald, Peridot, Carnelion, etc. However, the main birthstone suggested for Virgos is Blue Sapphire. As the name suggests, this is a deep blue crystal symbolizing truth, sincerity, and innocence. Blue Sapphire is also called the ‘Wisdom Stone’ as it helps the wearer receive mental and emotional support.

What are the best gift options for Virgos?

It is quite easy to please a Virgo with a gift. However, if you want to make them feel special, we are suggesting a few gift options here. 

Double stone necklace

amethyst double stone necklace for virgos

Shop the Necklace

A double-stone necklace embedded with an Amethyst stone looks unique and classy. This is the perfect Virgo gemstone that you can gift to the lady in your life, no matter whether she is your wife, fiancé, girlfriend, sister, or mother. The exclusive design of this necklace makes it a perfect option that can be matched with various types of outfits, especially Western attire. This is the perfect necklace for those who prefer a minimalist look.

Peridot Virgo Candle

zodiac candle with peridot for virgos

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The lucky Virgo colors are considered to be Yellow, Green, Brown, and White. While you may not find candles of all other colors easily, you can visit Zariin’s online store to come across the white candle, specially made for Virgos. The practical Virgos would love the fragrance of this candle and even can use it while meditating or unwinding.

Virgo necklace

linked zodiac necklace for virgos

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Apart from Virgo lucky stones, as a great gift, you can also choose a Virgo necklace with the sculptured motif of the Virgin. The enameled medallion with the symbol of Virgo makes the necklace exquisite and exclusively for the individual you are gifting it to. One can wear this necklace like a piece of everyday jewelry. This necklace is dipped in 22kt gold plating; hence, the sheen lasts for a long.

Linked zodiac ring

unisex zodiac ring for virgos

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Virgo crystals are great but so are the linked rings that have a Virgin motif on them. These rings are unisex; thus, can be worn by both men and women. These rings can be worn as everyday jewelry and paired with both ethnic as well as Western attires. You can pick this as a gift for the Virgos and win their hearts.

Essential Oil

peridot essential oil for virgos

Shop the Essential Ol Roll On 

You can woo your Virgo friends by gifting them this essential oil. The scent of the essential oil stays for a long time and will help them feel relaxed and fresh throughout the day. This is a roll-on and can be carried while traveling with minimal risk of spillage. 

Apart from all these choices, you can also go for a gift box that consists of two necklaces such as a zodiac necklace and a September birthstone necklace. For easy selection, you can check out the Virgo collection at Zariin and choose a gift that will please your loved ones born under the sign of Virgo.

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