25th Anniversary Gifts - 8 Best 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas of 2023 for Parents, Her & Him

25th Anniversary Gifts - 8 Best 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas of 2023 for Parents, Her & Him

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Completing 25 years of togetherness is an event in marital life that deserves a distinct celebration of its own. An important part of the celebration is choosing suitable 25th anniversary gifts for each other that perfectly express your emotions. It should also appeal to your spouse’s sense of style and match their preferences. When we think of 25th wedding anniversary gifts, what can be better suited than jewellery items, right? While selecting a piece of jewellery, you need to ensure that you get something with the quality, finishing, and design that sweeps them off their feet. Stay on this blog to learn more about the various gifting options that make perfect gifts for 25th marriage anniversary.

25th anniversary gift ideas for her:

Jewellery has been considered a perfect gift for women since time immemorial. It has stood the test of time and still holds true today; therefore, you can pick one without any second thought. However, you need to be certain about her choice of jewellery design. Let us talk about some of the best jewellery ideas that can elevate a woman’s beauty and make her look even more graceful. 

Elegant Necklace and Stud Earrings Set

mirror polki jewellery set as anniversary gift

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The best thing about any classic jewellery piece is that it never fails you and always stays relevant to your wardrobe. This chaand phool inspired necklace and stud earrings set with mirror polki is just that - understated, elegant and traditional. The jewellery set makes a wonderful gifting option with its unmatched craftsmanship and excellent finish which will make your spouse stand out.  The sweet gesture of gifting this set will surely make your 25 year anniversary celebration even more special.

Pearl Bangles

classic pearl bangles

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If your better half is someone who finds beauty in minimalist designs and has an affinity for wearing gemstones, pearl bangles are surely going to bring a smile to her face. You can find various designs of pearl bangles that come in a range of sizes. If she is fond of big-size pearls, then she might find Zariin’s “Glam in Pearls Filigree Bangles” interesting. This pair of classic pearl bangles with a filigree design is just the perfect piece that one can wear at the celebrations. You can also explore many other pearl bangles that will suit such a special occasion.

Personalized Gifts

green onyx statement earrings for 25th anniversary gift

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One of the best wedding anniversary gift ideas is to get a personalized gift. It gives a heightened sense of significance to the gift. Also, it is a great time to make your wife realize how well you know her. You can find several types of personalized gift items such as jewellery sets, earrings, necklaces, rings, anklets, and many more. You can customize the items according to your spouse’s specifications to make this a more personalized gift.

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25th anniversary gift ideas for him:

Should it be any surprise that men love receiving gifts as much as women do? If you doubt it, you must see their face light up next time you give them a gift. And when it is your 25th wedding anniversary, your spouse deserves a gift for bringing so many reasons for you to love him. Let us explore the 25th anniversary gift ideas for men.

Cuff Links

anniversary gifts for him cufflinks

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Cuff links may look small but they make a great gift option. If your spouse prefers wearing cuff links, then you can give him a pair that he can wear on casual and formal occasions. You can choose from minimalist designs, some of which are even embellished with birthstones. All that you have to do is to pick the birthstone as per his birth month

Kurta Buttons

kurta buttons gift for him

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Do you love seeing your man in ethnic attire, and want to add a dash of style and sophistication to his ensemble? If yes, you can opt for kurta buttons. Opposed to plain kurta buttons you can get ones that are studded with pearls. These buttons come in a set of five and elevate the overall ethnic look. For anyone confused about their 25th anniversary gifts, this idea can never go wrong.


leather cardholder and key chain

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For men who are not fond of jewellery, going for an accessory can also be a great gifting option. A compact card holder made of leather can be an apt gift. You can also choose a gift box that consists of a key chain and an artisanal leather cardholder. A cardholder is especially useful for those who carry many cards, as it will help them keep their wallets light. It may also lead them to ditch their wallets altogether in favour of a minimalist lifestyle.

25th anniversary gift ideas for parents:

How blessed it is to see your parents completing their 25 years of being together. To make them feel even more special on their day, you can choose from the various 25th anniversary gifts for parents.

A Gift Box

his and her gift box with cuff links and stud earrings

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You can gift both of them one gift box containing a pair of studs and cuff links. One of those gift boxes is  His and Hers Citrine Gift Box by Zariin. The beauty of these two items is that the same stones are embellished in the studs as well as cuff links. This is also one of the best 25th anniversary gifts for couples who love twinning.

Zodiac Pendants

unisex zodiac link necklace

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Whether your parents believe in astrology or not, they are going to love the stylish zodiac pendants. Along with wearing their zodiac signs, they can also use these pendants as fashion jewellery. While you are looking for personalized 25th anniversary gifts for parents, these pendants can actually be apt for them.

Similar to these options, there are several anniversary gifts for friends as well that you can choose from. These jewellery pieces are great gifting options due to their symbolic value and because they stay for a long time with the person receiving them. That is why apart from design, comfort and durability are important considerations when choosing them. With a lifetime guarantee on the durability of these jewellery pieces, they are very likely to be a part of every memory you make from here onwards.

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