Types of Earrings to Wear with Your Party Outfits, One Piece Dress or Evening Gowns

Types of Earrings to Wear with Your Party Outfits, One Piece Dress or Evening Gowns

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  • Oversized Stud Earrings
  • Drop Earrings
  • Shoulder Dusters
  • Pearl Earrings
  • Hoops

    It’s that time of the year when your social calendars are going to be fully packed and you have got to dress the part. Now is the time to flaunt those dreamy long gowns, serene silks or dazzling sequinned dresses. In our experience, each of these party outfits demand a pair of earrings for a well finished look. Choose the right pair of earrings for one piece dress, western dresses, your evening gowns or dazzling dresses will present their best versions.

    5 Different Types of Earrings You Can Wear with Your Party Wear Dresses and Outfits

    Here’s a guide to the type of earrings you can wear with your party dresses -

    1. Oversized Stud Earrings - Perfect for One Piece Dress & Gowns

    Oversized Stud Earrings

    Bigger than your usual stud earrings, oversized stud earrings are very prominent, make the right kind of statement, bring all the attention to your face while being fuss free at the same time. They add just the right dose of glamour to your elegant sarees, one piece dress or stylish western gowns.


    2. Drop Earrings - Perfect for Evening Gowns

    Drop Earrings

    Drop earrings or danglers are feminine and dressy. What you choose to adorn depends on the kind of outfit you have. For printed gowns, you can choose to wear all gold drop earrings or stone studded earrings. For a flow, solid coloured gown opt for a more statement pair with enamel or intricate details. Use gemstone drops to colour block with your party dress. The options are plenty.


    3. Shoulder Dusters - Perfect for Halters or Asymmetric Dresses

    Shoulder Dusters

    Shoulder dusters are long earrings that graze your collar bones. A perfect option if you are looking for party wear long earrings to complete your look it is important you pair the shoulder dusters with the right kind of necklines for you to achieve a sophisticated and an elegant look. Shoulder dusters work well with off shoulder dress, halters or asymmetric dresses.


    4. Pearl Earrings - Perfect for Party Dresses & Evening Gowns

    Pearl Earrings

    It is often said that one can never go wrong with pearls and we truly believe in it owing to the classy and elegant vibe of pearls. Pearl earrings work well if you are looking to add understated elegance to your party dresses.


    5. Hoops - Perfect for Party Outfits

    Hoops Earrings
    Hoops are one of the most versatile kind of earrings that make the most effortless party accessories. The best part about the hoops is that these work with most kind of outfits. Choose for pearl dressed or gemstone studded options for a more impactful approach.


    These 5 kind of earrings will definitely get you covered for the party season. Make sure you choose the type that works well with your personal style.

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