Eternalize your Bond with Exciting Friendship Day Gifts

Eternalize your Bond with Exciting Friendship Day Gifts

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When is Friendship Day 2023 in India? Check Date, Significance, History and Importance Of Friendship Day

There is no day when it is impossible to celebrate the unique relationship of friendship. There are hardly any relationships that have such a strong impact on one’s life as friendship. Friends go to any lengths to make us feel alright when things go wrong and celebrate even the smallest of our victories. If you too have friends who have been your greatest support in life, then you can recognize this special relationship on this friendship day. While each day you meet your dear pals is a chance to make lifelong memories, celebrating friendship day together has a different vibe altogether. It is a perfect occasion for honoring the bond between you and your friends.

When is Friendship Day 2023?

Wondering when is friendship day in 2023? As it is celebrated on the first Sunday of August month, in 2023 it is going to be observed on the 6th of August. Did you know that the tradition of celebrating this day on the first Sunday of August is prevalent in countries like India, the United States, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, and Bangladesh? In several other countries, friendship day is observed on the 30th of July, each year. Here we mention the dates on which friendship day in India will be celebrated in the coming years.

Upcoming Dates of Friendship Day in India 





6th August



4th August



3rd August



2nd August



1st August


History of Friendship Day

The idea of friendship day was first suggested by Joyce Hall in Paraguay. Hall was the founder of Hallmark Cards. He believed that friendship is a special relationship between two individuals which is beyond caste, creed, race, and ethnicity. Therefore, it should be felicitated with vigour and warmth. This day was even recognized by the United Nations later.

Gift ideas and suggestions for Friendship Day

There are certainly several ways to observe friendship day and not all of which require a gift. However, when you gift something to your friend, it remains as a memory of your time together throughout the life of both of you. Every time you see the gift, it will remind you of the beautiful moments you had with your pal. When it is about choosing the right gift for your friend, gender plays a big role. Like you cannot give a bangle to your male friends, likewise, all your female friends may not appreciate a black leather wallet. So, let us check out the gift ideas for friends based on their gender to make it a happy friendship day.

Gift ideas and options for ladies:

Women of almost all age groups have an affinity towards jewellery. You can choose a jewellery piece, keeping the age and personality of your friend in mind. Let us explore some options for your female friends.

Photo Pendant


A photo locket pendant is a stunning gift option for any female and that includes your friend. You can put your and her photos in the pendant and give it to her. This will not be just another gift but will have an emotional appeal as it symbolizes your friendship. With this gift, your friendship day 2023 will surely be awesome.

Zodiac Necklace

air zodiac necklace for friends

If your friend falls under the zodiac signs such as Aquarius, Gemini, or Libra, you can give her an Air sign necklace. Similar to the Air sign necklace, there are various necklaces available for other types of signs as well, which you can choose as per the zodiac sign of your friend. If you are curious to know the platform where you can find these kinds of zodiac jewelry and necklaces, then you must visit the online store of Zariin.

Healing Bracelets

healing bracelet for friends

While everybody else chooses the most unique friendship day bands, you can surprise your friend with a crystal healing stone bracelet. She can keep wearing it for as long as she wants. Healing bracelets come for various purposes such as for peace, success at work, love, and health. You can choose one such bracelet as per the need of your friend. Some of the stones embellished in these bracelets are Rose Quartz, Citrine, Amethyst, Blue Chalcedony, and many more.

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Gift ideas and options for men:

Indeed, gifting options for men are not as many as there are for women. However, certain gifts can actually bring a wide smile to your male friend’s face. So, let us delve deeper into the gift options we have for our friends this friendship day 2023.

Leather Card Holder

leather card holder and key chain for guy friends

Those cards can sometimes be really difficult to manage. Also, if you put all of them in one wallet, they can make it bulky. Well, your friend will be glad to receive a cardholder completely made of leather. If you want to make it look stylish, go for a coloured cardholder.

Cuff Links

cuff links for guy friends

Cuff links can really elevate one’s vogue, especially in formal outfits. If your friend prefers wearing formal often, he will love cuff links. To make the friendship day gift even more special, you can choose cuff links that are embedded with stones like Citrine, Rose Quartz, Blue Topaz, Green Chalcedony, etc.

Kurta Buttons

kurta buttons for ethnic outfits

Do you think your friend looks even more good-looking in ethnic outfits? Well, the best way to let him know about it is by gifting him expertly crafted kurta buttons. You can opt for the kurta buttons that are made of metals like brass and studded with pearls, making the entire look regal. This will make your happy friendship day even better.

These are some of the gift options that can make your friends feel valued. Even if you do not wish to express your feelings on their face, you can do it through gifts. After all, these are the folks who make your life complete. Your relationship is bound to reach new heights with these tokens of appreciation for your friend.

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