Evil Eye Jewelry is There a Right Way to Wear Evil Eye Jewelry?

Evil Eye Jewelry is There a Right Way to Wear Evil Eye Jewelry?

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Envy and malicious intentions of people around us are not a rare occurrence in this world. Intentionally or unintentionally, some people curse us or get jealous of us, which ultimately causes hindrances in our life. You can consider wearing a piece of evil eye jewelry to ward off such energies emitting from people. Evil eye jewelry pieces are worn by people across the world with the belief of warding off the evil surrounding them. The beautiful designs of the evil eye are captivating and have a certain appeal for everyone. The color combination of blue, white, and black looks tranquil, perfectly symbolizing the protection you can get from negative energies. 

How to wear an evil eye pendant?

There are many ways of wearing an evil eye charm on your body, such as the evil eye pendant or evil eye bracelets which can get you the necessary protection and look stylish at the same time. While there are several types of evil eye protection jewelry pieces, the most common choice is an evil eye pendant. The deep blue evil eye pendant represents calmness and a healthy conversation. Although the deep blue evil eye locket is the most common; you can find the evil eye necklace of various other colors as well. A light green evil eye pendant stands for power. A dark green evil eye locket represents good health. If you are choosing a pink evil eye necklace, it will represent order. If the evil eye pendant is red-colored, it will help you to boost confidence, while an orange one will multiply happiness in your life.

You should often cleanse the powerful evil eye protection to get the most out of it. The cleansing process should be done three days before or three days after the full moon. While you perform the cleansing ritual, you must be focused and have gratitude. Another thing to keep in mind is, you should never go to bed or take a shower wearing an evil eye jewelry piece.

Evil Eye Jewelry and Types

Now that you are aware of the evil eye meaning and also know the evil eye benefits, let us further discuss a bit more about the evil eye jewelry. Evil eye jewelry is not confined to one or two types but is available in several kinds. From evil eye chains to evil eye bracelets, from evil eye rings to evil eye earrings, you will come across various types of such jewelry. If you are curious to know about them, scroll down!

Evil eye pendants

Protect Thy Soul Pink Enamel Necklace

Evil eye pendants are believed to ward off the negative energies around you. The evil eye chain pendants can be found in a variety of designs and shapes. From stone evil eye pendants to enameled pendants, you can come across several types of such pendants and choose the one that matches your style. Since the different colors of evil eye pendants mean different things, you need to determine the purpose and then pick one accordingly.

Evil eye bracelets

Evil Eye Protection Bracelet

Among the many evil eye bracelet benefits, one is also that you can wear it as a piece of everyday jewelry. Along with giving you the protection that you need, evil eye bracelets also look stylish and add to vogue. Thanks to their universal appeal, you can match an evil eye bracelet with several types of outfits. You can choose from some of the most delicate designs that can elevate your style sense.

Evil eye nazariya

The tiny tots look super adorable and that is one of the reasons why they surely need evil eye nazariya for them. These nazariyas are adjustable and have black Onyx beads in the bracelet in addition to the evil eye motif. The nazariya bracelets are absolutely safe for babies.

Evil eye rings

Eye Keep It Simple Ring

If you are fond of rings and also want to keep the bad vibes away, then you can opt for an evil eye ring. The best thing about an evil eye ring is that not only it will keep you safe but you can at the same time create a fashion statement. You can pick a minimalist design of a powerful evil eye protection ring that also looks elegant.

Evil eye earrings

Eye Spy Earrings

You can choose to keep up with your beliefs yet look drop-dead gorgeous. To look stylish, we can try wearing a pair of evil eye earrings. The evil eye protection earrings come in various enchanting designs that complement many face shapes. You can choose the type of evil eye earrings as per your features and be a head-turner. The evil eye motifs in the gold-plated brass earrings look unique and classy.

Various attractive pieces of jewelry feature some form of evil eye design and can help you harness its protective energy. You can also combine different evil eye pieces to create a cohesive look that helps you stand out attractively. Evil eye jewelry can help you move towards a more positive in your life and bestow beneficial effects.

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