Design Story – Classic Twist

Every time we look for a sense of comfort, we go back to our roots. For Zariin, that feeling called home and of being rooted comes from designing jewellery with uncut, natural stones – our Classics. Introducing Noor – inspired by the familiar feeling of comfort but with a twist.

For the 2021 Classic Edition – we take the idea of twist further and quite literally by amalgamating modern chains, links, bends and knots as design elements with the rawness of uncut gemstones. 

Statement Earrings

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The collection uses uncut versions of Peridots, Lemon Quartz, Labradorite and Rainbow Moonstone for the very first time for a dose of freshness. With the “uncut and unpolished” gemstone approach, the brand defined its muse loud and clear- the modern Zariin woman who is unrepentantly herself, embracing her flaws and imperfections.


Uncut Stones Jewellery

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Some of the pieces are lined with grey enamel to highlight the contours of the stones. This adds a unique touch to this jewellery collection by bringing a sombre hue to your look. The grey enamelling makes these pieces a great match for professional & contemporary looks. 


gold plated jewellery

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This collection consists of modern chunky necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets where the therapeutic art of knotting has been very skilfully crafted in metal to create impactful pieces that are bound to make a difference to your outfits. 

Classin Twist

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The collection is well aligned with the Pantone colour scheme of Grey and Yellow for 2021 – a soothing combination we are obsessing over. The jewellery is designed for women who like to make an impression with what they choose to wear. 


Pantone Colour Jewellery

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The main purpose of jewellery is to bring a “twist”’ to any outfit. Zariin has always designed jewellery by taking inspiration from this very fact to create beautiful arty pieces that are meant to make a difference to whatever it is that you choose to wear. So whether you decide to keep it casual, OTT or something special – adding a Zariin will always twist your look for the better.  


Classic Twist

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