Design Story - Golden Hour

Design Story - Golden Hour

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That perfect moment in the day, when the nature is at its prettiest with the perfect dose of sunlight. It’s warm and magical. Strong and encapsulating. Just like nature, we too have our golden hour moments when we feel our prettiest and powerful best. We translate that beautiful moment into jewellery that can truly be defined as wearable art. With this 22kt plated goldtone collection Zariin endeavours to make you feel that way at whim and live that Golden Hour by simply adorning these nature inspired organic pieces of jewellery.

all gold statement jewellery

molten gold jewellery

statement link necklace

A statement collection that blends classic with substantial. With a motto to wear your gold, BOLD - the sensual three dimensional jewellery incorporates captivating pieces beaten, crushed, moulded and sculpted into striking organic shapes. With the perfect sense of fashion, the all gold jewellery is so powerful that not only does it take over your outfit but the room you walk into as well. If you are looking to make a strong statement - the stunning Golden Hour statement pieces will make that happen for you. The collection incorporates statement earrings, studs, choker necklaces, link necklaces and bold cuff bracelets.

goldtone statement earrings

golden hour party jewellery

goldtone party jewellery


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