Design Story – Shahana

Design Story – Shahana

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History is proof that jewellery has always been a symbol of power, status & wealth. When we look back at any of our monarchs’ portraits, we see royal jewellery that has been used as a symbol of sovereignty for generations. Women of the royal households loved to adorn themselves with the most precious jewels embedding the rarest of stones. 

Generations have passed by and women have changed, and so has the purpose of their jewellery. A woman’s jewels are not just an accessory to her outfit or a means to beautify her but a medium of expression and a royal celebration of herself, her tradition and her heritage.

To serve the queen within each of us, Zariin introduces Shahana, a tastefully curated collection that is an ode to the classics and to our royal roots. A collection of green jewellery which serves as bridal jewellery as well as royal jewellery, and stands for growth, success and grace. 

An embodiment of culture and elegance, Shahana translates as ‘royal ‘, with Arab origin, and has been designed by Zariin to carry forward the glorious old-world charm of heritage and royal jewellery. 

A tribute to the fine craftsmanship of Indian artisans, this collection consists of regal, occasion wear green jewellery that is dipped in 22kt gold and paired with iridescent pearls & a rich amalgamation of green crystals and green onyx that act as symbols of prosperity, abundance and exuberance. 

The collection consists of a variety of carefully crafted green bangles, necklaces, earrings and jewellery sets. Each more royal as the other and emitting the confidence of historic women. Many pieces of this collection are named after and inspired by the great women in our history or by terms used to refer to women of the royal household. 

The gift boxes of this royal jewellery collection make for the perfect gift, this wedding season – for brides, their bridesmaids or just women who love jewellery. 

Owning a part of this exquisite collection is like opening the doors to an experience that is going to leave you feeling like your royal self. Perfect for brides-to-be, her tribe or for any woman who wants to feel her best, this ethnic collection is artisanal excellence made accessible and affordable by Zariin for the modern woman. 

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