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Rings for Women & Girls

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Rings for women are that piece of jewellery which is adorned by almost everyone. You may choose to wear one or multiple, but what’s certain is that there will always be a ring. It is a comparatively meaningful accessory as ring on each finger signifies something. And if you don’t really bother about the significance, you’ll still love wearing them in different fingers and styles.

Rings for Women and Girls - Look regal with our splendid collection of unique rings

A ring is often the most important part of every woman’s jewelry collection. Rings bestow style and draw attention to the fingers and make your hands appear beautiful. Since there are various ring designs for women available these days, you must find something that compliments your hands. Those with considerably longer fingers can wear halo rings that cover a large area of the finger. On the other hand, if your hands and fingers are smaller, simple and sleek designs like a band can look perfect. 

Our ring designs will woo you for sure

Zariin is for women with varied tastes and preferences. This is why, you can find some truly unique yet popular collections of rings at our online store. From engagement rings for couples to everyday simple rings, our range of fashion rings is for one and all. Our gorgeous rings for women include statement rings, bands, traditional rings, and many more. You will also find rings for girls embedded with precious stones. While many of our rings are adjustable, you can also find some fixed non-adjustable rings. Here are some popular varieties of rings that you can find while browsing through Zariin.

Engagement rings:

Our collection of stylish engagement rings for women comes in various designs suiting different hand shapes. While some are embellished with pearls, others are studded with green cz, turquoise, etc. Our huge range of dazzling engagement rings can perfectly embody your feelings. These are perfectly matched with traditional and modern dresses.

Cocktail rings:

Wear our cocktail rings and you will find many eyes upon you. These stylish cocktail rings for girls can be matched with various outfits and worn at any time of the day. Many of our cocktail rings are also adorned with two or more types of stones. Our signature rings can be a great choice for social occasions and festivities.

Evil eye rings:

Searching for an evil eye ring? You've come to the right place. You can find a variety of evil eye rings online in India on Zariin. Our rings are dipped in 22kt gold and the jewellery piece's simplicity makes it suitable for everyday wear.

Zodiac rings:

Isn’t it exciting to find a ring that matches your zodiac sign? Well, you can find your zodiac ring at Zariin and flaunt your signature style. Our zodiac rings are available for both men and women. These simple rings are also great for gifting.

Healing rings:

Accessorize your fingers by styling them with healing rings. Our healing rings for women and men are embedded with stones that not only look good but also leave a calming effect. You can choose from the healing rings that suit you and also boost your well-being.


Bands are perfect for people who prefer simple and minimalist ring designs. The best thing about bands is that you can use them every day. Our bands are available in various colours such as the popular Vibe N Jibe band.

Apart from these, you can also check out our signature rings which make a bold style statement. All our ring designs for women, as well as men, are unrivaled. Each of the rings is made of brass and dipped in 22kt gold plating. The finishing and durability of these rings are unmatched. Besides this, we also provide a life-long warranty on our gold plating. Place your order and they will be delivered to you within three days.

How to Style Rings for Women?

Your rings are the final finishing touches to your outfit. We list some inputs to get your styling right -

Follow a Theme If opting for one statement ring for women, you can follow the theme of the earrings,  necklace or bracelet. Balance the look with either of the jewellery pieces. Avoid wearing all at once. 

Pick a Common Element When wearing multiple rings, make sure there is a common element to make the stack cohesive. It could be the metal, the gemstone or the theme.

Elegant Stacking For a modern and an elegant approach you can stack different band rings together.

Balance If trying to stack rings on the same finger, try and balance a ring with a form to a simple band.

Personalise Add the personalised element to your stack - it could be a zodiac ring or a label ring  to make the stack more meaningful.

Ways to Wear the Best Rings according to the Attire and Occasion

Easy Going Look

If you want to style rings along with your everyday, casual outfits - one can use simple and minimal band rings which enhance your look in an instant without becoming the centre of attention of your look.The simplicity also keeps the wearability high.

Big, Bold, Statement Rings 

A big statement ring instantly evokes confidence, makes you feel powerful and uplifts your look. So if you are looking of uplifting any outfit to step out with your girls for a brunch or a night out, adding a big bold ring always does the job for you by finishing your party outfits.

Stackable Rings

Stacking multiple rings looks great with feminine, girly outfits. It is a great way to have fun with the rings, get creative and create a unique look. Mostly works well for relatively casual occasions and these rings are great for girls.

Gemstone Rings

Gemstone rings add an instant sophistication, pop of colour and character to your outfit. The best way to dress up and add some colour to monotone outfits. This combination works really well for formal occasions. If you are wearing a printed outfit, then you can match the gemstone to one of the colours on the print.


While building your ring collection, it is important that you consider the following factors so that the piece of jewellery you get for yourself is in tune with your style and you cherish it. 

Size and Fit 

When it comes to rings, the size and fit really matters. Make sure the ring fits your intended finger well and do analyse the width of the band. The thickness of the band impacts the aesthetics of the ring as well. By opting for adjustable ring, not only can they be worn by multiple people but on multiple fingers as well enhancing the cope of styling. 


Rings are continuously in contact with your skin and your hands may come in contact with water and other items too, so it is important that you invest in hypoallergenic materials that don’t react with your skin. 


Gemstones are a great way to add colour and healing energies. If you are looking for something vibrant or subtler, opt for the gemstones accordingly. If you believe in the healing energies of the gemstones, then it helps to study the features of the gemstones before investing in a piece for yourself. 


Make sure the ring sits comfortably on your fingers. Always try the ring before taking your decision. If ordering online, read into the notes provided by the designer and do take a look at model images as well for better understanding and decision making. 

Personal Style 

Always consider your personal style and choices before opting for a ring. A statement ring may not be used at all by you if you find it intimidating. But if you are in a mood for getting experimental with your jewellery then a statement ring is a great place to start.


22kt Gold Plated

All of Zariin’s rings for women are 22kt gold plated which makes them look classier and also makes each piece hypoallergenic. 


Most of Zariin’s rings are adjustable, which makes them easier to be styled in different fingers, frees you of the hassle of choosing the right size when ordering online and can also be passed down to generations. 

Authentic Gemstones 

We use authentic gemstones unless mentioned specifically, so that you reap the maximum healing benefits of the gemstone. 


Our rings are handcrafted by our gifted artisans to create the most comfortable and stylish accessories for the modern woman using traditional techniques. 

Lifetime Warranty on Plating 

To make sure you cherish using your rings and style them to their full potential, we offer a lifetime offer on plating. So if you ever find your favourite Zariin rings losing their lustre, we will replate for you, free of cost and no questions asked.

Versatility and Variety 

Our in-house designer pour their heart and soul to design rings that are versatile and also ensure a wide range to ensure there is something for every kind of a woman. 

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Q: Where to buy women's rings?

Ans - To buy the best fashion rings, you can head straight to Zariin catalog. At Zariin, you will come across some of the most elegant as well as chic ring designs. Apart from the stylish collection, you will also get a lifetime warranty on the gold plating of the rings.

Q: How many rings should a woman wear?

Ans - Although it much depends on the choice of the lady who is wearing rings, two rings in one hand are often enough. More than two rings may attract too much attention to your hands.

Q: Difference between men’s and women’s rings?

Ans - Men’s rings are comparatively bigger in size than women’s. The other difference is in the design. Men’s rings are minimalist while women’s rings are fancier.

Q: What is the starting price for women’s rings at Zariin?

Ans - The starting price for women’s rings at Zariin is a comfortable INR 1329.

Q: What are the types of women's rings available on Zariin?

Ans - The various types of rings for women that you will find at Zariin are engagement rings, zodiac rings, cocktail rings, and bands. These rings are available for both men and women and most of them are adjustable.

Q: How can I buy women’s rings online?

Ans - To buy women’s rings online, you can add the ring of your choice to the cart and then follow it up by entering all the required details that you will find on the next page. You can then pay online or make it a Cash on Delivery (COD) order. You will receive your order within 3 days.