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Pendants for Women & Girls

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Exude glamour with dazzling pendants

A necklace or a chain beautifies you, but it is the pendant that elevates the beauty of the necklace by manifold. Whether you want it for yourself or to gift someone else, a pendant can always be considered a good purchase. The only thing that you need to consider is the pendant design you are going to choose. For example, if it has a gemstone, you should keep in mind the birthstone, and pick accordingly. The colour and pattern of the pendant make a difference in the overall look, as does the size of the pendant.

A handpicked selection of pendant designs at Zariin

We have a great collection of pendant designs at Zariin. From heart-shaped pendants to chain pendants, from photo pendants to green onyx pendants, there are several types of pendants that you will come across at our online store. Our pendants for girls are designed by our in-house designers; therefore, you can find some unique designs. Our range of pendants is perfect to be matched with several types of outfits, which include both western as well as ethnic. Here are the kinds of pendants we offer at Zariin that you might be interested in.

Pearl pendant:

Pearl pendants, true to their name, are of different shapes and designs and embedded with pearls. Some pearl pendants have many small-sized pearls while others have a pearl of large sizes. Pearl pendants are a great choice for occasions when you are wearing deep colours as the white colour of the pearl makes the pendant stand out.

Photo pendant:

A photo pendant is quite a personal jewellery item; therefore, is preferred by many women for its sentimental value. Once you choose the pendant for women, someone from our team will get in touch with you to request the photo that you want in the pendant. The resizing of the photo is also done after consulting with our clients. You can gift this gold pendant for girls to someone you adore with a picture that holds special significance for both of you.

Heart-shaped pendant:

Heart-shaped pendants have been in the trend for a long time now. You can gift this pendant to your beloved as a symbol of sharing a piece of your heart. This pendant goes well with several types of outfits and can be used as a piece of everyday jewellery. We also have matching earrings in our collection that you can choose to pair with.

Citrine pendant:

If Citrine is your birthstone, then you must choose this pendant. Apart from the beautiful stone, something that is unique about this pendant is the uneven shape and texture of the pendant design for girls. The gemstone that this pendant is embellished with, will help you get prosperity and success.

Green onyx pendant:

The green onyx pendant design looks absolutely royal. The pendant is divided into two halves. The top part has a mother of pearl, while the bottom of the pendant has green onyx embedded. You can find the very regal Holdali work in it. It looks fantastic with ethnic wear and goes equally well with western wear.

Lotus garden pendant:

If you are fond of pendants that are a bit bigger in size, then our Lotus Garden pendants are meant for you. You can find tiered lotus motifs in this pendant along with pearl drops. These pendants are linked with the chain or necklace.

Pendant necklace:

A pendant necklace is the kind of a pendant that comes attached to a necklace or chain giving it a minimalist yet elegant look. The pendant necklaces are available with various types of pendant designs such as pearl, green onyx, citrine, metal bits, etc.

All our pendant designs for females are outstanding and unique. Our talented team of designers come up with creative designs of jewellery. Regardless of the designs, all our pendants are 22kt gold plated and made of pure brass, just like the rest of our other jewellery collection. We also offer a lifelong warranty on the gold plating.

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Q: What is the purpose of a pendant?

Ans - A pendant mainly helps in adding beauty to a necklace. Some pendants come with stones embedded in them; thus, work as a protection for the wearer.

Q: Does a pendant make a good gift?

Ans - A pendant is an excellent gift item. However, you must be sure of the choice of the person to whom you are going to gift a pendant.

Q: Can I sleep with a pendant on?

Ans - Yes, you can of course sleep with a pendant on, provided it does not have sharp edges.

Q: What are the various types of pendants available at Zariin?

Ans - The several types of pendants that you can find at Zariin are pendant necklaces, heart-shaped pendants, birthstone pendants, photo pendants, and many more.