6 Myths About Gold plated Jewellery You Shouldn’t Believe

6 Myths About Gold plated Jewellery You Shouldn’t Believe

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Gold plated jewellery has been one of the biggest & most-loved trends of 2023 and we surely see it spreading like a wildfire throughout the coming years. What’s not to love about it?

 It’s lux. It’s gorgeous. It’s gold & It feels so good on your skin. 

That being said, there are a lot of concerns and misconceptions around Gold plated jewellery. While we understand where they come from, we know that some of the claims are just myths, far from reality. 

At Zariin, we swear by our jewellery and so we’re setting some facts straight for you, by busting the myths below:  

1. Gold plated jewellery only looks good with traditional outfits: 

Not at all! Zariin specialises in everyday jewellery. Today Gold plated jewellery can be worn with formal wear, T-shirts and other daily wear. Zariin’s collection reflects the global woman and the variety is astounding. From festive jewellery to contemporary jewellery, any outfit can be elevated with Gold plated jewellery. Our Noor collection blends modern and ethnic styles with raw uncut gemstones and is created for working women to take them from 9-to-5 and beyond. The gold plated choker necklaces are our best-sellers.

Lotus Silk Delicate Collar Necklace in White Enamel

2. Gold plated jewellery isn’t of good quality and appears to be fake: 

The quality of the plating matters and each piece from our collection is dipped in 22kt gold, paired with the most natural & authentic gemstones. It ensures higher quality and a genuine gold colour &  appearance. If you glance through our Golden Hour collection, you will come across some stunning gold plated jewellery with guarantee that looks elegant and doesn’t compromise on quality.

Organic Rings Goldtone Statement Earrings

3. Gold plated jewellery is always expensive

It is a common misconception that gold plated accessories are high-end and burn a huge hole in your pocket. We have kept the majority of our designs in an affordable price budget to make luxury more accessible for you. We want every woman to own a Zariin piece. Our Bestseller collection brings you chic and classic gold-dipped jewellery online that blends with gemstones and looks luxurious while being light on the pocket.

4. Gold plated jewellery shouldn’t be worn on auspicious functions like weddings, festivals, etc

Gone are the days when a bride would only wear heavy gold jewellery for her wedding. With Gold plated jewellery that looks like real gold and is light to carry, every woman can now choose the level of comfort and fun she can have during her wedding.

With our “Wedding Edit”, experience the world of 22 gold covered baubles that look sophisticated and are light enough for the bride to twirl around in her wedding lehenga. 

5. Gold plated jewellery isn’t durable and does not travel well:

 Many believe that gold-dipped jewellery isn’t as strong as real gold jewellery. At Zariin we invest in the quality of our accessories and create multipurpose and strong designs so that you can travel without worry. The Road Trip collection from Zariin offers some stunning Gold coated jewellery coupled with colourful beads that makes it sturdy, travel-friendly and versatile.

6. Gold plated accessories fade and tarnish and cannot be re-plated:

While Gold dipped jewellery is vulnerable to losing its gleam, good quality jewellery from trusted brands can make a world of difference. At Zariin, we offer you a lifetime re-plating service that keeps your accessories forever beautiful. We take pride in providing our customers with the highest quality and service to provide you with the best experience while shopping for fashion jewellery online that stays with you forever. 

We understand that you might be apprehensive about buying gold coated jewellery online but the platform you buy from is important. Shop for pieces that look authentic and elegant and are from a trustworthy store and enjoy wearing gold-dipped jewellery as per your convenience and style it every day. 

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