We Love Online Jewellery Shopping and Here Is Why You Should Too!

We Love Online Jewellery Shopping and Here Is Why You Should Too!

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The recent shifts in the social scenario have led us all to stay home & practice social distancing. With such evolution of the new norms, why should our shopping habits stay the same? Statistics suggest that on average, 75% of people prefer online jewellery shopping as compared to making purchases physically in stores. Not only is it hassle-free & creates less chaos but it also opens up a variety of options for us & adds value in a way that the offline experience never can.

We at Zariin love our online shopping and even more so for jewellery. We hope to convert you to an online shopper too with this selected list of reasons why online jewellery shopping is the way to go for the future:

Plethora Of Options

An in-store visit might take you hours to go through the entire collection but a few minutes online is enough for you to glance through each piece across various collections when shopping for fashion jewellery online. Online shopping isn’t just practical but also safer than physically visiting a store. There’s no longer a need to roam around, looking for “the one” accessory, when you can surf the internet and voila! Find a range that is more suited for your needs and occasions.

 At Zariin we want you to make your pick from our endless options that are created to help you express and explore yourself. Whether it’s our “Chakra” collection curated to unlock & elevate your chakras with gemstone jewellery or our “Phools Paradise’‘ collection that plays with the evergreen floral motif, we strive to provide you with a widespread collection of the best jewellery online. 

Quality Assured

With a tonne of options waiting to be discovered, you can rely on the quality of the accessories that you find on your online spree. We vouch for our 22kt gold dipped jewellery that is going to change the way you dress.

Indulge in our stunning “Stoned” collection of gemstone jewellery that brings you stones in their most natural, raw & uncut form. Paired with our 22kt gold-plated design, our pieces are sure to become a staple in your wardrobe, season after season. Looking royal was never so easy, was it?

Another best-selling collection is our “Linked” collection of 12 necklaces that are coupled with bold motifs & black enamelling designed for a beautiful ensemble – unique, personalised and wearable in 3 ways.

Convenience Like Never Before

Do you know what’s our favourite part about online jewellery shopping? Sitting in pyjamas, with our legs up, sipping on a hot cup of coffee & not having to worry about who’s watching or running into someone we know. Take your time choosing your designer jewellery from the comfort & convenience of your home.

At Zariin, we ship our domestic orders within 1-5 days totally free of cost and offer worldwide shipping that ensures delivery of your chosen baubles to you just within seven business days, across all borders. So no more waiting around for weeks to get your hands on some stellar accessories!

If you’re a desi bride-to-be away from home, missing some good old ethnic jewellery, shop our “An Evening In Jaipur” collection for gold-plated goodness blended with filigree work & precious pearls for yourself & your bride tribe. Shop for Zariin’s designer jewellery online and get your online jewellery shopping delivered to your doorstep. 

Affordability At Its Best

The real deals are online – we know it, you know it & the world knows it. Zariin loves to host sample sales where our stunning pieces are at unbelievable discounts like never before right from our Instagram. The love we get is overwhelming and we love to provide our customers with pricing that doesn’t burn a hole in their pocket.

Our website currently has a festive sale for all you jewellery lovers, grab ’em here before they’re gone. Our exquisite “Pearl Delicates” jewellery collection is not just a passage to pearl jewellery in all its glory but is designed as an affordable range of fashion jewellery online to make your online jewellery shopping experience better & more enjoyable.  

Lifetime Warranty

Jewellery that stays with you, will always slay with you. Investing in beautiful statement pieces online is always a great idea because not only does it become an heirloom & a keepsake for years to come but also adds classic, versatile pieces to your vanity.

For instance, Swarovski jewellery never goes out of style and that is why we created our “Born To Differ” collection of edgy and glamorous designer jewellery.

Zariin ensures that every Zariin piece you own is a lifetime investment for you as we offer free lifetime re-plating of our jewellery in case of damage or wear & tear.

We swear by online jewellery shopping for the ease of access, convenience and guaranteed quality & service it provides. Are you hopping on the bandwagon too?

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