Signs, Stones & Styles: A 2023 Guide To Wearing Jewellery According To Your Zodiac

Signs, Stones & Styles: A 2023 Guide To Wearing Jewellery According To Your Zodiac

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Whether you believe in the stars or just want to hop on to the trend, wearing zodiac jewellery has become the ‘new black’ this year. Since ancient times, several age-old cultures have believed in the protective powers of zodiac sign jewellery and seen them as the link between our souls and the sky.

Your zodiac is not just a symbol of your personality, traits & character but is a celebration of your existence and all that you are. Each zodiac is paired with a stone that has cleansing & healing powers. Wearing the appropriate zodiac sign jewellery, embedded with these stones can harness the energies of nature & further enhance your strengths, combat your weaknesses & bring out the best in you.

Zariin creates a guide for you that tells you which stone to wear and benefit from as well as how you can style it to suit your personality and channel the power of your zodiac:

Aries: The Ambitious Ram

Your ambition drives you and makes you dream about better places to be. Your passion & zest for life remains unmatched. Our Aries Double Stone Necklace with a drop of Carnelian is created to help you achieve peace and harmony. Embedded with crushed metal, & plated with 22kt gold, this beauty will stimulate your creativity while adding a pop of red to your daily wear. Keep it on you to feel your very best.

Taurus: The Strong-Willed Bull

You know what you want and you are not afraid to get it. While your mind is your master, every once in a while, you wish to give in to your heart’s desires. Our Soul Of The Bull Taurus Necklace is the key for you to feel stronger & stylish, on the go. A stylish reminder of your tenacity, this 22kt gold plated lariat necklace will inspire you to reach your greatest potential.

Gemini: The Adventurous Twins

You are fun-loving, spontaneous & like to live in the moment. Your sign symbolises the duality of everything around us and your personality is the best of both worlds. With Citrine as your zodiac stone, you are sure to love our Citrine Healing Ring. A gold plated bauble that you never have to take off, keep this 22kt gold dipped ring on you every day to attract wealth and enhance self-expression.

Cancer: The Soft-Hearted Crab

The tougher you seem on the outside, the softer you are on the inside. When you care about someone, your love and affection know no bounds. Our Cancer Double Stone Necklace brings you the combined energies of Pink Quartz – your zodiac stone & Moonstone. Sure to create a loving environment, this piece of zodiac jewellery is designed to inspire you to live joyfully and purposefully.

Leo: The Majestic Lion

A true leader, you always like to take initiative and make decisions. You thoroughly enjoy being the centre of attention and to help you with this, we bring to you the Soul Of The Lion Leo Necklace. Capable of being worn and styled in three ways, the necklace creates a talismanic connection with the Zodiac sign crafted on the gold dipped and enamelled medallions for you to don on a night out on the town.

Virgo: The Darling Maiden

You strive for perfection and appreciate the attention to detail. Everyone’s favourite, you are the life of every party. Encapsulating your aura in the form of zodiac jewellery, our Drop Of Amethyst Earrings channel your femininity. Amethyst being your zodiac stone, symbolizes inner strength, intuition and spirituality and will keep you stylish whenever you wear it.

Libra: The Balanced Scale

The definition of calm & composed, you walk into rooms and light them with your vibrant personality & energy. Our Libra Double Stone Necklace has been specially designed for you to flaunt day in & day out. Embed with your zodiac stone – Malachite, this double-layered necklace will ignite the energy of love & forgiveness within you – even towards your own self.

Scorpio: The Mysterious Creature

You like to exhibit yourself as powerful & larger than life. Your confidence is charming & your loved ones appreciate your sensitivity. Express your bold & look beautiful in our Soul Of The Scorpion Scorpio Necklace. 22kt gold-plated & symbolic of your magnetic charisma, this piece of zodiac jewellery is a must-have for you, this season and the next.

Saggitarius: The Alluring Centaur

Always looking at the bigger picture, you really know how to live life. Your positivity is cleansing & refreshing, not just for you but for others around you too. Embedded with your zodiac stone, our PRISTINE PLAY TURQUOISE STUD EARRINGS are stylish, modernistic and perfect for daily wear. Turquoise is sure to clear your creative blocks & provide you with a holistic healing effect.

Capricorn: The Charismatic Goat

With a stable mindset & a systematic approach to life, you were created for success. The Capricorn Double Stone Necklace was specially curated with your zodiac stone – Blue Chalcedony – known to impart mental flexibility. Paired with 22kt gold dipped beads & a single pearl, this necklace is sure to make you look at brighter horizons.

Aquarius: The Free-flowing Spirit

Dear water-bearer, not only are you progressive & practical but also passionate about the things you care about. Your zodiac stone is Lapis Lazuli – a cleanser of impurities & toxicity. Wear the Eye Got You Necklace and style it with your workwear and keep negativity at bay with the evil eye motif.

Pisces: The Romantic Fish

Your imagination & creativity has no bounds. You like to think the unthinkable because you know you are more than capable of making your dreams come true. You love beautiful things and that is exactly why you are sure to fall for our Soul Of The Fish Pisces Necklace. A 22kt gold dipped link lariat necklace that can be styled in 3 ways and sports the motifs of your sun sign on an enamelled medallion.

Zodiac Sign Jewellery makes for the perfect gift for your loved ones as it is personalised, thoughtful and tells them that you value their presence in your life. It is a perfect keepsake that celebrates your true self for years to come and Zariin makes sure the designs we provide you are

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