A Look Into Day & Night Campaign

A Look Into Day & Night Campaign

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We’ll be real.

It was a hot May morning. We were excited to shoot a beautiful person who has a deep magical way with her words. The more we read her work, the more we want to delve into it further. All was set – the jewelry laid out and the clothes all prepped up. As soon as the team got together, we realized that the make up artist didn’t turn up. In a normal scenario, this would be a huge cause for panic. Suddenly, the reality was striking us straight in the face – we were talking of being real, weren’t we. One look at our muse and we knew, we were going to go for it. We went ahead with the shoot with no make up look and easy hair and so glad we did it. Because the results were stunning!

And the face that made it all happen – Karuna Ezara Parikh – a writer and a TV host based out of Delhi, you would have often seen her talking Life’s A Beach on NDTV Good Times. Her poetry makes us lose ourselves and we are one of the most loyal stalkers of her Instagram feed. She is the face of Zariin’s Day & Night collection and it couldn’t get any real!

We shot two collections on her (more on that later) making her the Zariin face for the season! We can’t wait to reveal the results. Here are few glimpses of the campaign. Take a look, till we work on getting more bits from her.

karuna ezara parikh fro zariin

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