The Story of Pearl Kissed Redux Campaign - Karuna Ezara Parikh

The Story of Pearl Kissed Redux Campaign - Karuna Ezara Parikh

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How many times have you gone to a party a few minutes late just because you were attending to chipped nail paint?
When did you last go to a wedding without make up and not worry about how your pictures would turn out to be?
Does bling and large chunky crystals dominate your occasion wear closet and jewelry boxes?
Have you shied away from wearing pearls because they are too old school for you?

karuna ezara parikh in zariin

There is something very liberating about breaking out of the norms self-imposed by the society. These societal guidelines have no real guiding factors but a self-proclaimed path of virtues which dictates your attributes of existence defining how you live but never around how you want to. The idea is often averse to the concept of individualism and the disconnect is so strong that individualism is often perceived as rebellion.

This disconnect comes across very powerfully in the world we live in today which is torn between the value system of the past and modern reformed thinking. As a fashion label, we will focus on the predominance of this tussle in this sphere. What you wear every day, what you wear to work, how well-covered are you ,how you doll up for a wedding and what you wear when you’re lounging at home – believe it or not, the world has set guidelines to dressing up right – wherever you are and whatever role you play. And because your attires and every element that you use to adorn your bodies like tattoos or striking jewelry make such strong aspects of individualism, we would never want our Zariin women to compromise with it.

karuna ezara parikh in pearl kissed redux

However, let’s the get real. The reality is that most of us conform to these ideas. For example, we have made make-up an integral part of our dressing up that we’ve almost forgotten what a fresh and breathable skin feels like. A chipped nail paint is good enough for you to judge a woman on how badly groomed she is rather than looking at it as a symbol of the busy life she has taken upon herself while she juggles every aspect of her life and is willing to compromise the nail paint and leaves it for a day she will pamper herself. Why are we as a society failing to applaud that multi-functional, super humanly role women are playing today but on the contrary we are completely ignoring it.

going make up free for the shoot

chipped nail paint is liberating

multifunctional roles being played by women

We at Zariin want to celebrate that woman and we are serious about it. Last year, the label broke out from the limiting idea of perfect models in the fashion industry to seek wonderful women out there who not only wear our jewelry with so much character but have unique wonderful stories to offer.

Taking inspiration from all the points made above, we at Zariin made a conscious effort to come out with a campaign which concludes all of the above. We found our muse in Karuna Ezara Parikh who became the face of this campaign. She is one of those few people who have the strength of breaking all barriers and living her life on her terms and not the society. How many of us would agree to go for a campaign shoot make-up free and flaunt the chipped nail paint. She did it and the result is breath taking.

modern pearls

Pearl Kissed Redux is one of the most feminine, delicate and dressy collections by Zariin so far. But there is a reason we didn’t shoot it with a dreamy pastel angelic dress and now you know why!

modern wedding jewelry

Styled by Jahnvi Bansal

Shot by Swati Chauhan

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