Breaking Stereotypes With Gender-Fluid Jewellery

Breaking Stereotypes With Gender-Fluid Jewellery

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Jewellery is art, passion and a way of life. It is anything but conventional. We don’t support gender stereotypes at Zariin and truly believe that our designs look good on everybody, irrespective of the gender they identify with. We want to enable our audiences to own who they are without being governed by social constructs. What could be a better way of doing that than wearing beautiful, gender-fluid jewellery. 

If there is anything that we have learnt, it is that fashion is at its best, when it is limitless & unrestricted. Versatility & inclusivity has always been at the heart of our design & creative process, and nothing would make us happier than seeing our jewellery be loved, worn & adorned by everyone, not just women. We decided to enlist some of our favourite collections that are sure to give new meaning to gender-fluid jewellery. 

Born To Differ

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different” – Coco Chanel

The art of being different has always been impressionable in fashion. We took this thought forward for our stunning Swarovski collection to create party worthy pieces that will offset you from the rest in the most remarkable, creative, sparkly and fashionable ways. Introducing ‘Born to Differ’, a collection including everything from Asymmetrical earrings to bold link chains and big chunky crystals – Zariin has always focused on wearing your style your way and this has been the highlight of this collection, making it a perfect choice for gender-fluid jewellery.  

swarovski jewellery

Malkeet Singh in Zariin. Shop the collection – Born To Differ


Celebrate yourself through and through with ‘Linked’- a collection of 12 zodiac necklaces that explores the personal connect between the jewellery and the wearer.  Zariin presents the concept in the most modern way in the form of a link lariat necklace that boasts of a sleek design and versatility. Capable of being worn and styled in three different ways, the 22kt gold dipped necklaces have the potential to inspire the wearer to create a unique look while establishing a talismanic connect with the Zodiac sign crafted on the gold dipped and enamelled medallions that hold the sculptured motifs of a particular Zodiac sign. 

Jewellery is personal and can help us channel our dominant personality traits through our connection to our birth signs. This versatile collection is perfect for modern styling by all. 

Zodiac nacklace

Mamta Gupta in Zariin. Shop the collection – Linked.

Traces Of Me 

What could be a better way of expressing yourself & showing the world beautiful traces of you than sporting some 22kt gold-dipped baubles from our ‘Traces Of Me’ Collection. 

Encapsulating the attributes of a red lipstick with pieces as iconic and significant, this collection celebrates your bold & whimsical spirit. With an abundant dose of vintage incorporated in modern forms of jewellery as pendant necklaces, two finger rings, hoops and links. It incorporates three gemstones that have transcended time, culture and geography and remain as relevant now as in the past: Moonstone, Lapis Lazuli and Labradorite. Interesting elements like coins, medallions, filigree and leaf motifs further contribute to the individuality of the pieces. Just like lipstick, this collection suits all. 

zodiac jewellery

Aashim Gulati in Zariin. Shop the collection – Traces Of Me


Rock Solid

Just like your style game, this collection is  ‘Rock Solid’. Zariin introduces this one of a kind collection  of raw uncut gemstone jewellery inspired the very concept– ‘Rock Solid’. The everyday collection is not only inspired by its purpose but also the use of Zariin’s iconic jewellery look of using raw gemstones. This is in order to celebrate the beauty in imperfection by using the gemstones in their raw natural state to make stunning forms of jewellery. 

These foundation pieces have been crafted using some of the most loved gemstones like GreenAmethyst, Citrine, Smoky Topaz and Rose Quartz. A neutral palette of the collection and the gemstones enhances versatility of the pieces. Dressed up or down, these “Rock Solid” pieces come with a promise of looking good every time and with every outfit whether it’s the basic white tee or the trendier items of your wardrobe. 

Love and embrace your imperfections with this collection and keep going –  rock solid! 

Zariin believes jewellery should be used to represent and express our true selves – however and whoever we are. We are enough, just the way we are. Celebrate that spirit, today & everyday.

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