Wear Jewellery Every Day

Wear Jewellery Every Day

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Gone are those days when you wore jewellery only on special occasions. It’s 2021 and Zariin is here to tell you to wear jewellery every day. There are so many benefits that are associated with wearing jewellery every day, especially if it’s gold jewellery. Along with these benefits, we have also enlisted some of our easy-to-wear, 22kt gold plated, everyday jewellery below for you to choose from. 

Overcome All Your Moods

For when you’re feeling stressed, sad, upset or anxious – you have jewellery to lift your moods. There are times when you might feel like nothing is working out for you. And while we all have such days, you can switch your mood by wearing Zariin’s gold plated jewellery. When you wear jewellery that makes you feel good and put together, you find yourself to be more expressive. It also gives a boost to your emotional wellbeing, makes you more mindful and the feeling of a powerful metal like gold on your skin can act as a de-stressor, a much-needed tool today. 

A great piece of 22kt gold dipped jewellery that you never have to take off is our Flow Of Chakra Necklace with 7 gemstone beads that denote a chakra each. Chakras are energy points in the body that are believed to affect your mind, body & soul. If subjected to stress, the chakra linked to the subject or emotion can be blocked thereby, preventing you from your best state of being. The necklace includes delicate beads of Red Jasper, Orange Carnelian, Citrine, Malachite, Blue Topaz, Lapis Lazuli and Moonstone.

Zariin has jewellery for all your moods and you can read all about it, here. 

Walk On The Road To Positivity

Keep the negativity at bay with the Evil Eye that wards off bad luck. It is believed that when someone is envious of you, they can send bad luck your way. Wearing evil eye jewellery every day can protect you against bad energies and channel your good fortune. 

One of our favourite pieces for this purpose is the Power Of The Eye Bracelet. This 22kt gold dipped bracelet easily slips into your everyday dressing and is the easiest way to adorn a protective piece of jewellery. There are many other collections that work with talismans to cleanse your aura and protect you from toxicity. You can also read more about The Charms Story Collection, here. 

Health is Wealth

Did you know that wearing gold jewellery can regulate the temperature of your body? This is great for people who experience hot flashes and sweat too much. At Zariin, our jewellery is plated with 22kt gold which also makes it hypoallergenic! This makes our jewellery risk-free for those with sensitivities to other metals.

And that’s not all! Gold strengthens your immunity. You can now boost your health with gold-dipped jewellery. A great piece from our collection to aid you in this aspect would be our Black Obsidian Healing Ring. It helps with digestion and heals muscle tissues.  It can also help with viral and bacterial infections. Alternatively, can be worn to battle negativity. 

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Confidence Is Key 

Look your best and feel your best with everyday jewellery that boosts your confidence and makes you walk, talk and rock with your chin up. Wearing jewellery is the direct ticket to enhancing your natural beauty. It makes your outfits pop and elevates your look. It can provide an extra dose of confidence when it is much needed. 

Wearing our LOOP ME IN NECKLACE is sure to make you stand tall. This delicate necklace brings the night sky to your neck by combining the magnetic energies of stars, moons and gemstones. Style this stunning piece with your summer outfits and finish the look with the bracelet or earrings to match. Turquoise adds a pop of colour to any outfit and looks vibrant against the hues of 22kt gold. It’s believed to have the vitality of flowing water and is ideal for those who want to enhance their communication skills, creativity and strengthen immunity, resulting in feeling more confident in any given situation. 

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If we haven’t given you enough reasons to wear jewellery every day, visit our website and get inspired by our exquisite pieces that you’ll never wanna take off! 

Explore our All Day Everyday Jewellery Collection.

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