Pearl Power

Pearl Power

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From Oprah to Michelle Obama to Rihanna, who doesn’t love pearls? At Zariin, we hold our pearls in very high regard and integrate these iridescent beauties with our designs very often. We decided to share our top 5 pearl jewellery pieces with you to choose from, to serve some serious looks on all your special occasions. 

Pearls represent femininity and class and can, therefore, be worn by women on various occasions as celebratory jewellery. These stud earrings are the perfect partner for all your events – fancy, big, small, homely. A classic and always in vogue, Zariin’s latest version of studs come in this exquisite form of Baroque Pearls set amidst the sparkling aura of Cubic Zircons as they lace the elegant piece. The 22kt gold dipped Pearl Earrings are a must-have if you’re a fan of pearl jewellery.

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Add it to your necklace. Clip it on your bracelet. Get creative with the many ways you can use this versatile charm to amplify your outfit. The Pearl It Your Way Charm features our favourite – the baroque pearl, which is one of the most organic forms of gemstones available. The raw shape with its dented and uneven surface, adds to its organic beauty. At Zariin, we believe that baroque pearls play perfect symbolism for individuality as no two pearls can ever be of the same shape. This charm is the perfect way to add the pearl touch to any jewellery piece. 


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Summer meets sophistication with our Tropical Dust Link Necklace. Dipped in 22kt gold, this link necklace is a fun infusion of fresh Baroque Pearls and colourful beads. The interesting toggle clasp not only contributes to the functionality of the piece but also lends to the design detail. This necklace is a great styling option for adding some colour to your most basic outfits. It is a beautiful blend of modern style and relaxed vibes, making this an extremely wearable piece this summer. Read more about our most loved pieces for this summer, here. 

You know you only need one haath phool in your jewellery collection, so let it be this one! Our WORLD OF FLOWER HAATH PHOOL is designed with striking motifs crafted of delicate filigree work, laced with glistening pearls. This is the perfect amount of drama to add to your outfit. The 22kt gold dipped accessory is a beautiful combination of a statement ring and a graceful bracelet, eliminating the need to wear the two accessories separately.

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Go the extra mile with this one-of-a-kind magical cocktail ring. This charming party ring is your one-stop ticket to making a style statement that is sure to win everyone’s attention. Zariin spells out royalty and exuberance with the 22kt gold plated Delicate Desire Ring. The laced circular motif surrounded by the dainty filigree work will grab you compliments like never before making this piece more than enough to level up your outfit. If you are on the hunt for more rings, you can choose from some of our favourites, here. 

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