Gemini Calling: Zariin’s Zodiac Jewellery Edit

Gemini Calling: Zariin’s Zodiac Jewellery Edit

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At Zariin, we believe that your zodiac sign can define your personal style which includes your jewellery preferences. It’s Gemini season and we are here with a special zodiac jewellery edit for the butterflies of the zodiac chart. We did some looking into what the twins like….Here’s a breakdown of Gemini jewellery pieces that are sure to charm their way into the hearts of these air sign holders. 

Gemini women are known for their outgoing nature. They take time deciding what to wear, but once they make up their minds, they are extremely confident about their choices.

She Leads A Colourful Life 

Gemini Women are adventurous and have many vibrant sides to their personality. Our Road Trip collection symbolizes exactly that. They see the world in high resolution and with interesting pigments, and they like to express this about themselves via their ensemble. Road Trip A marriage of two lovely things – the collection combines our love for colourful gemstones with posh aesthetics of Baroque Pearls. You can read more about the inspiration of the collection here


gemini jewellery

Shop the Collection – Road Trip

She Likes To Add Her Own Twist 

If you know a gemini, you know they like to add their special touch to everything they do, even the outfits they wear. Our Noor Collection is the perfect collection for them, which is the rebirth of our classics with a contemporary twist. The collection uses uncut versions of Peridots, Lemon Quartz, Labradorite and Rainbow Moonstone for the very first time for a dose of freshness. With the “uncut and unpolished” gemstone approach, the brand defined its muse loud and clear- the modern Zariin woman who is unrepentantly herself, embracing her flaws and imperfections, very much like the Gemini woman. 

gold plated jewellery

Shop the Collection – Classic Twist

She Loves To Express Herself 

Women often leave a trace behind in the form of lipstick impressions, whiff of perfumes and jewellery that never fades away. Traces of Me is our collection that celebrates these essences in each one of us. It is a dramatic collection of 22kt gold dipped jewellery that encapsulates all the attributes of a red lipstick with pieces as iconic and reflective of the traits of a strong Gemini woman. Read more about it here. 

gold dipped jewellery

Shop the Collection – Traces Of Me

The Stone Connection 

The tailor made Gemini necklace – with this delicate layered necklace, Zariin has modernised the concept of zodiac jewellery by replacing the zodiac symbol with a healing stone beneficial to a particular zodiac sign. Reap all the benefits of the stone and yet be elusive. This delicate two tiered 22kt gold dipped necklace comes adorned with Citrine – which further aids to the benefits of the necklace.

gemini necklace

Citrine boosts energy levels, richer imagination and a clearer mind. Protective against negative energy. Attracts love and happiness. Has good effects over health. Increases productivity. Attracts success and prosperity at work. Shop the necklace

Lastly, Wear Your Sign

For our proud gemini who wants to wear her zodiac on her – our modern link zodiac necklace establishes the perfect talismanic connection with a sculptured motif of “the Twins’ embedded on the medallion. A stylish reminder of your traits, the necklace helps the Gemini girl to own who she is. 

zodiac necklace

Shilpa Shetty in Soul of the Twins Gemini Necklace. Shop now

If you are looking for a gift for a Gemini girl or are one yourself, make your pick from these amazing Gemini jewellery pieces that are sure to be the perfect pieces to indulge in for gifting or some retail therapy for yourself. 

Explore our Zodiac Jewellery Collection.

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