Design Note – A Letter To Myself : Trendy Alphabet Jewellery

Design Note – A Letter To Myself : Trendy Alphabet Jewellery

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Alphabet jewellery is as personal as it gets and it is one of the most raging trends internationally. A Letter To Myself is a collection of initial necklaces and charms which enable you to customise and add deeper meaning and connect to your jewellery expression.

This collection is all about Y O U . The one who keeps going no matter how hard the going gets. The one who chooses to be kind & puts the needs of others before her own. The one who is always trying to be the best version of herself & reach her maximum potential. Your growth is phenomenal. Your passion for life is amazing and we love your spirit that never stops shining.

And to honour that very spirit, Zariin introduces a collection of 26 letters of the alphabet – gold-plated pendant, embedded with CZ that shines as bright as your spirit, accompanied by a simplistic 22kt gold-dipped chain.

This collection of alphabet jewellery is not just a personalised addition to your wardrobe, but also a symbolic letter of love to yourself.
A charm to remind you to stay true to yourself.
A reminder to yourself of your hopes, dreams, achievements and goals.
A beautiful metaphor for all that you are and choose to be.
A souvenir of all those adventures & rollercoasters of life you’ve already experienced.
A commemoration of the love you’re surrounded by – a partner, a sibling or a friend.

Named “A Letter To Myself “, this collection encourages you to love, appreciate & pat yourself on the back for all that you do, the many roles you play and the different hats you wear.
Perfect for gifting to your loved ones or showering yourself with some well-deserved appreciation, this personalized pendant is to cherish & hold on to for years to come.

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