Design Story - Belief

Design Story - Belief

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Magic exists for those who believe!

Coin jewellery has been an age old talisman in various cultures. These are not only huge internationally but also find a significant presence in Indian history and tradition.

Inspired by the concept, Zariin has designed a collection of 5 trendy and easy to wear coin necklaces that celebrate the nuances of various elements of nature. Each of these elements has a deeper symbolic expression making the necklace a perfect pick for those looking for more meaning in their jewellery. These detailed coin necklace make beautiful modern heirlooms.

belief coin necklaces

layering coin necklaces

styling coin necklaces

*Choosing the Right one*
Choose the coin that appeals to your personality and match it with the chain you would like to wear it with. And if you are a believer of power of jewellery, then the necklaces can also double up as your good luck charms!

meaningful coin necklaces

unisex coin necklaces

*How do wear these Coin Necklaces*
Equal parts trendy and timeless, these 22kt gold dipped necklaces are great for everyday wear and lend the perfect detail to your casual coords and also makes a fabulous layering element for a maximal approach. The necklace will be the perfect focal point of your layering looks.

everyday coin necklace

wearable coin necklace


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