Design Story - Zodiac Rings

Design Story - Zodiac Rings

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In 2020, Zariin combined its love for fashion and astrology with its iconic link zodiac necklace. Stylish, versatile and personal, the necklace became a thorough bestseller.

zariin zodiac rings

gemini zodiac ring
stylish zodiac rings by zariin

After the immense success story of the necklaces, Zariin has launched the next in the zodiac series - rings! Fabulous, bold and statement making collection of 12 zodiac rings that help you establish a talismanic connect with the Zodiac sign crafted on it. The 22kt gold dipped accessory is studded with the enigmatic Black Only stone that forms a striking base to the beautifully crafted zodiac symbols.

unisex zodiac rings

zodaic rings for men and women
The ring is personal and it aligns our fascination of the zodiacs with modern aesthetics. The neutral form makes it a striking piece that can be graced by both men and women. A symbol of strength and protection, the accessory works as a modern amulet to remind us of the deep connect we share with the universe. The rings also work as beautiful reminders of our traits to reach our greatest potential. Ideal for gifting when you want to keep it personal, meaningful and cherishable!

talisman jewelry zodiac rings

water signs zodiac rings

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