Design Story - Pastel Pop

Design Story - Pastel Pop

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Everyone is allowed to have some fun! We get caught up in the various labels, adulthood or life throws at us - and forget to have fun.Pastel Pop is Zariin’s reminder to have that fun irrespective of who you are or the label you carry. Interestingly, pastels signify neutrality. With no strong feelings attached these work with everything! The vibrant collection is abundant with yummy sorbet colours, swirls and twirls - making it a happy addition to any outfit, worn by anyone. The jewellery will bring instant lightness, joy and fun to any dressing up experience.

enamel jewelry summer
pastel coloured jewelry

Designed using the glossy enamel technique with 3 juicy pastel colours we sweetly call Californian Blue, Lavender Breeze and Sorbet Yellow, the lightweight jewellery brings an instant pop of colour and happiness. The colours are further fused with the dynamism of the ancient Chinese symbol of Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang jewellery has been trending and is rooted in the belief that when the symbol is worn as jewelry, it helps the wearer balance the good and the bad in their lives. The result is a collection with a super relaxed feel and vibe. You’ll get inspired to take it easy and make accessorising a joyful ritual.

summer colour rings
colour stack
everyday rings

Each piece is fairly minimal and you can take the maximal route by amping up the jewels with colour blocking your way with layering and stacking. (Remember, it’s all about having fun!)

The 22kt gold dipped collection is a fabulous mix of easy to wear hoops, drop earrings, pendant necklace, stud earrings and some stack worthy rings.

vibrant summer jewelry
everyday earrings
stacking jewelry
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