Design Story - Balance

Design Story - Balance

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We are all seekers in this world of self discovery and one of the many things that we seek or strive for is - Balance! 


Balance is what enables us to enjoy all the flavours that our lives have to offer. It’s the perfect harmony between the multifold aspects of our lives - be it work or play, friends or family, me-time or social life and most importantly the balance that we seek between what one does because one HAS to versus what one WANTS to. 


Taking inspiration from this thought, Zariin has designed a stylish and a meaningful collection that captures the idea, design wise and conceptually.It’s a collection of 22kt gold dipped jewels with immaculate detailing and jaw dropping hues. Rooted in the concept of the Chakras, each piece is studded with 7 gemstones denoting the 7 chakras - Amethyst for Crown Chakra, Lapis Lazuli for Third Eye Chakra, Turquoise for Throat Chakra, Rhodonite for Heart Chakra, Tiger Eye for Solar Plexus Chakra, Moon Stone for Sacral Chakra and Blood Stone for Root Chakra.

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Designed to look fabulous, the pieces are intimate with the wearer by embracing the healing properties and the magic of these gemstones. Each of these stones tell a story of their own and come with their unique benefits. It is believed that your body functions at its optimum best when all the chakras are balanced and these gemstones function as one of the enablers for that balance which is restored one stone at a time. 

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zariin chakra jewelry

The jewellery balances luxury with an easy to wear appeal, making each piece a beautiful extension of our bodies. All day, everyday kind of pieces which will make you feel good, assured, dressed up and balanced, of course! 

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