Design Story – Glow Getter

Zariin’s Spring Summer 2022 launch, Glow Getter is a collection of trendy pearl jewellery for women to the go!
It’s a busy life and you have got to dress right for it! Glow Getter is a fabulously stylish collection of pearl jewellery designed for the woman who believes in doing it all! She’s busy and driven, strives to achieve her goals in life while acquiring a beautiful glow both inside and outside. The glow of the soft lustred pearl jewellery works as the perfect aide to do just that – look and feel amazing.
The collection encompasses jewellery that is practical, trendy and fashion forward. Easy to wear pieces that elevate your outfit with pearls and you’ll be good to go! The jewellery is also a great way to treat yourself to the luxurious feeling induced by the pearls as you go about your day and cherish everyday moments. The neutral hues of gold and ivory make it extremely versatile, wearable and easy to style. We call it the one step solution to dressing up and getting the glow – just what busy women are looking for!
Design wise the jewellery combines the classic glamour of pearls with elements like the mobius strip to depict movement, clusters that stand for strength and oyster like shells to depict origin. The collection is paving way for the summers and rooting for the freshness of pearls. Pearls have a calming effect, boost your confidence, radiate positive vibes and strengthens the mind.
The jewellery is everything you need to tap the Glow Getter in you!
The collection is just what you need to amp up your style story this season. Ultra modern aesthetics uplift the pearls to make them extremely stylish and fashion forward. The collection is a refreshing way to adorn pearls.
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