Design Story: Time of My Life – Black Onyx Jewellery

Introducing, Time of My Life – a black onyx jewellery collection by Zariin.
“Now I’ve had the time of my life
No, I never felt like this before
Yes I swear, it’s the truth
And I owe it all to you…”
We’re all set for another new year, another fresh start and a blank page – to write our stories on and to tell them to the world. Before we move ahead, let’s not forget all that we have accomplished, gone through and grown out of to become the very best versions of ourselves, this year. Whether it is our personal relationships, professional lives or emotional well-being, we have invested in all aspects of our growth and put in a lot of hard work. And now? It is time to rejoice, make merry and gear up for the wonders that await us this year…
Zariin brings to you the ‘Time Of My Life’ – a collection of 22kt gold-plated jewellery, coupled with black onyx & pearls embedded onto tribal motifs & spiral elements that symbolize your personal development, growth, and success.
A world that revolves around the sublime magic of pearls, the elegance of gold and the power of the Black Onyx stone, Zariin wants you to feel your best and revel in charm, our new collection is an ode to self-discovery and self-love.
Pearls, the gift of the ocean, show us the beauty that lies in imperfections. Brought from the depth of the sea, it affects our moods, psyche and is known to offer the wearer fortune and success – perfect for the new beginnings that we are on the brink of.
A gemstone that wards off negativity, Black Onyx is the bearer of the truth; bringing one closer to themselves and allowing others to witness their traits to the fullest. It is known to bring on closer to their goals by increasing focus and discipline. What more do you need for your new year’s resolutions?
Set the mood right with some bling from this trendsetting black onyx jewellery collection as gifts to spread some summer cheer amongst your loved ones. Easy to wear & easier to style, this collection is going to be an evergreen addition to your jewellery collection.
The ‘Time Of My Life’ collection is not just a celebration of you and the extraordinary growth & resilience you have shown the past year but also a metaphor for the grand party that life is…
Wear these jewels as you’d wear the proverbial feathers in your hat – with pride, happiness, and joy. This is your time to shine, so let loose and indulge in treating yourself, and most importantly make sure you are having the time of your life… you deserve it!
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