Design Story - Follow Your Heart

Design Story - Follow Your Heart

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Your jewellery is often a reflection of your beliefs. And because we always want you to believe in yourself and have the courage to follow what your heart says…..we have created a stunning heart shaped collection to inspire you to do just that…..follow your heart! For that is truly the only way you’ll discover and find yourself in the journey of life.

all gold heart shaped jewellery

heart shaped ring

heart shaped statement earrings

The main driving thought behind the collection is for women to remind themselves on daily basis to dance to the beats of your heart. Don’t let the outside world push you or tell you what you should do or shouldn’t do. The heart knows to way so have the courage to follow the path, lean into what feels good, take risks and listen to yourself even if it’s scary.

heart shaped stud earrings

hoop earrigns with heart shaped drops

heart shaped pendant necklace
We have reimagined the universal symbol of love to create fabulously edgy and striking jewellery with three dimensional heart motifs that are rooted in the sculptural aesthetics of origami hearts. The jewellery is classic yet in the moment. Each 22kt gold toned piece scores high on wearability for you to cherish the jewellery on everyday basis with heart iterations that can easily be layered or mixed with other jewellery staples.

delicate chain bracelet with heart

heart rings by zariin


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