Design Story - Goal Digger

Design Story - Goal Digger

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New Year - that time of the year where the fresh start inspires one and all to make resolutions which merely fade away few weeks into the year. You either forget about them or you don’t have a plan.

We at Zariin want to change that narrative this year - let 2023, be the year where you set your GOALS but achieve them too. Introducing the GOAL DIGGER bracelets - a wearable reminder system designed to depict the most simple and common goals - be it eating healthy or giving yourself some digital free time. The system designed by Zariin will not only work as perfect reminder but also enable you to be accountable towards it.

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The Goal Digger bracelet is a DIY system - with comfortable chord bracelets that you can wear all the time along with 9 goal tabs for you to choose from. The bracelet works as physical REMINDER of your resolutions - to always look at it and get reminded.

STEP 1 - Choose your chord bracelet.
The chord bracelets come in 4 trendy colour options - Deep Red, Forest Green, Subtle Grey and Iconic Blue. Choose the colour that resonates the most with you and your personal style.

STEP 2 - Choose your goal tabs
22kt gold dipped tabs with enamel detailing to depict 9 common goals like hydrating, journaling, gratitude, workout, meditate etc. Choose the tabs according to your goals. Can be one or multiple.

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The bracelets are accompanied with scientifically designed note sheets for you to create your goal plan and be ACCOUNTABLE. Make notes on how you plan to stick to your resolution, what distractions you assume might come in the way, how will you reward yourself for sticking to your goal for 5 consecutive days or how you’ll punish yourself if they don’t stick to it for 5 consecutive days.

With GOAL DIGGER bracelets, Zariin will nudge towards your goals and inspire you to thrive in the opportunities of new beginnings. The bracelets won’t let you forget your goals and the accountability sheets will enable a plan.

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