Design Story – The Flip

Design Story – The Flip

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Our lifestyles today are so fast-paced that a day of 24 hours now falls short. With so much to do, and so many places to be, lest we spend our precious time choosing our jewels for the multiple looks we serve in a single day? Zariin presents to you – The Flip Collection; Reversible Jewellery that switches your mood on the go

Keeping in mind the hustle of a modern woman, this collection of versatile jewellery has been designed to shift your mood, with just one simple F L I P. Giving new meaning to healing jewellery, this collection gives us the best of both worlds by putting the ‘fun’ in functional. 

Reversible & versatile jewellery at its best – on one side we have the charming CZ, and on the other, we have a choice between the power-potent stones – Lapis Lazuli & Malachite. 

While the CZ adds the bling you might be missing after a productive day, the vibrant hues of blue & green on the flip side keep you going throughout the day with their healing & cleansing properties. 

The Blue Lapis adds the perfect cool tone to your daily wear & everyday #OOTD while clearing and aligning your chakras and offering you protection from evil. Malachite absorbs negativity from your atmosphere, induces compassion and gives you the self-assurance to deal with tricky work situations. 

Forget 9-to-5, this reversible jewellery collection is created to be with you all day long. Turn around your day with versatile jewellery that switches from being an everyday essential to the perfect party companion.

A meaningful gift & a ticket to accessing higher energies & becoming more self-aware – this collection is the modern woman’s form of self-care. 

Just one flip, and you can unlock it all. 


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