Want To Accessorize Your Winter Wear? We’ve Got You “Covered”!

Want To Accessorize Your Winter Wear? We’ve Got You “Covered”!

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Winter is here and how! It’s time to get those cosy sweaters, classy coats and edgy boots out and look stylish effortlessly, with some gold-plated winter jewellery of course. 

We know that accessorizing your winter wear can be challenging especially with the full-sleeves and the fuzzy layers, but don’t lose hope. We compiled a list of ways for you to look oh-so-gorgeous even in this sweater weather. Zariin makes sure that there is winter jewellery for every mood, every person and every weather. So pull up your socks this season and get accessorising like a diva with our picks for autumn jewellery, this season…

Layering is key – Clothes AND Jewellery!

With V-neck sweaters, a minimal, delicate layered necklace makes a great match. Winter wear is known for its style and wearing a simple necklace just amps up the look without looking too much.

However, we recommend layering – for both your clothes & jewellery – to set trends! Pair a cute turtle neck with a lariat or layered necklace and make heads turn. 

The Written In The Stars Three Layered Moon Beads Necklace from our Won’t Stop Shining collection is a true winner when it comes to winter jewellery. With a stellar necklace, you don’t need to worry about accessorizing anymore. It helps to keep things simple and straightforward, especially with winter wear.



A Ring Never Fails To Charm

The biggest challenge with winter clothes for women is that there is lesser scope to show off jewellery. The best way to overcome this? Focus on the parts that are visible. Rings are one of the coolest and most elegant ways to style your winter wear.

Our All Day Everyday collection has some classic, daily wear rings that are distinct and always look special. The Caving in Good Ring reflects the hues of the winter and is perfect as a winter jewellery piece. We can’t imagine how good it will look as you hold a hot cup of cocoa in your hands on a chilly evening. 


A Great Pair Of Earrings Go A Long Way

Earrings are our favourite accessory every season, but especially in winters. Do you know why? Because you can wear them without worrying about the sleeve lengths & the heavy layers! 

The best part about styling winter wear for women is that it should be minimalistic. Studs get the job done well and they give you the chance to add a subtle splash of colour to the winter wear. 

These Spirited Gold Studs with Citrine from our Stoned collection keep it chic and elegant. The natural stones carry healing energies to uplift your aura and harness your strengths as you go about your day-to-day life. 

A Statement Necklace To Ace Your Winter Look

Turn the usual sweater into an off-shoulder one and pair a statement necklace that will make the entire winter wear look irresistible. Necklaces are so underrated, even when they have the power to transform outfits! So choose one that looks effortless and that can complement different clothes.

Our 22kt gold plated Stars Of Dreams Necklace would look stunning paired with all the winter greys, blacks & blues, completely transforming your winter wear game. Browse through our necklaces to find your autumn jewellery staple.


Cool Tones For The Cold Months

Yes, you read it right. A nose pin! Simple outfits, especially winter clothes for women have the potential to be styled in some beautiful ways and a nose pin is one of them. 

A graceful, intricate nose pin like our GLORY OF TRADITIONS NOSE RING from the Desert Moon collection can add a bohemian charm to your winter wear. It highlights your face and adds an ethnic tone to a western & warm look with the silver. 

Styling winter wear might seem daunting but we hope you’re all set to look and be cool with our picks! At Zariin, we believe that nothing should stop you from wearing jewellery, not even the weather!

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