Want To Layer Your Necklaces Like A Pro? Hack It With Zariin

Want To Layer Your Necklaces Like A Pro? Hack It With Zariin

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If you’re all for the layered-necklace look, we don’t blame you. A layered look adds unbelievable depth to your outfit, making it even more appealing and attractive. The process to buy necklace online for stacking is not as simple as it seems. 

Zariin is here to save you some energy and bring you our top five tips to consider whenever you want to buy necklace online.

Buy Necklaces Online Of Different Lengths:

The variety of necklaces you can find online is endless. Look for different lengths when you buy necklaces online that you can layer to achieve a perfectly coordinated stack of bling around your neck. 

Our Classics Lite collection has gorgeous necklaces of different sizes and styles for you to explore and have fun pairing with each other. 

Choose Similar Styles And Metals:

If it’s gold on gold, it’s a winner! Layered necklaces need to look like they belong together. So make sure that the metals and styles match when you make your pick. 

Buy necklaces online with complementary styles that ensure a more put-together look bring the whole look together, seamlessly. In our All Day Everyday range, you can find 22kt gold-plated necklaces that look fantastic when worn together.

Know Your Neckline:

The most important thing when you buy necklace online is being aware of your neckline and identifying which kinds of necklaces compliment it. This makes it convenient to make the correct choice when you shop for necklaces online.

Zariin’s Glam edit offers you a variety of necklaces that you can experiment with while layering. All you have to do is keep your neckline in mind when you buy necklace online.

A Dash Of Colour Never Hurt Anyone:

Add a pop of colour with one of the necklaces to make your layered style be a little vibrant and fun. Gemstones are a great way to bring some subtle hues to the ensemble.

The Stoned collection by Zariin is great for finding some classic gemstone necklaces that have a natural tinge if you are looking to indulge in some contrasting colour in jewellery section. 

Shop According To The Occasions:

When you want to buy necklace online, know where and when you’ll be wearing them. Simple pendant necklaces are great for daily wear whereas motif necklaces look better with traditional wear. 

The event matters because it affects the style. Our Layering and Stacking edit has a range of modern as well as traditional designs for you to take your pick.

Layering isn’t rocket science but an art and we hope our tips help you buy necklace online that ace the look just the way you want!

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