Faces of Chakra by Zariin

Faces of Chakra by Zariin

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We at Zariin believe that jewellery has always been more than just adornment but an element of your outfit with a much deeper meaning that goes beyond aesthetics and in various ways. Stones and symbols have always held sacred beliefs and are very prominent when it comes to jewellery. Exploring the deeper meaning of jewellery and stones further, we have designed a Chakra inspired collection where each piece works as a beautiful reminder of your affirmations to infuse your life with abundance and positivity. The campaign features 7 incredible women who resonate with the concept, and believe in the power of affirmations. There are 7 Chakras and each woman represents a chakra necklace. 

We unveil the magic of affirmations and assert  how simple jewellery choices can adorn your mind, body and spirit with positivity and serve as reminders of your journey. 

Root Chakra – Carol Singh 

“ I wholeheartedly believe in the power of a positive affirmations. Little promises made to yourself so that the entire tone of your day changes – how you deal with people, your commitment to your goals to being. I AM!”

carol singh in zariin chakra necklace
carol singh in root chakra necklace

Sacral Chakra – Ekta Rajani 

“While I am just about beginning to read about the vast and old system of chakras, I find, beyond their fantastical, mystical interpretations, the system also helps as an internal visualisation technique for some folks like me, who tend to be easily distracted while attempting to relax or focus. Sometimes we may or may not need little reminders/ motivations to bring our attention back to subtle things, that can get lost in the over-stimulated lives we chose to live.

Not that one needs a pendant, but a little something may not hurt. I have been working on settling my digestive system imbalances this year. And this Swadhistana chakra pendent is a beautiful cue to keep going despite of my annoyances, since this chakra is all about the organs of that region on a physical level.”

ekta rajani in zariin chakra necklace

ekta rajani in sacral chakra necklace

Solar Plexus Chakra – Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta

“You can start working on Solar Plexus chakra everyday by simple warrior yoga pose and by choosing foods which are yellow in colour. Other than that one can practice affirmations and mediation. Affirmations really help! This pendant is the reminder to practice my affirmations everyday.”

geetika mittal gupta in zariin chakra necklace

geetika mittal gupta in solar plexus chakra necklace

Heart Chakra – Nauheed Cyrusi

“I think affirmations have the power to help manifest all your dreams, wishes and wants. Trust the power of affirmation and watch the magic unfold.”

nauheed cyrusi in zariin chakra necklace

heart chakra necklace

Throat Chakra – Neelakshi Singh 

“To me affirmations mean an assertion. A thought I would like to linger with and be in touch with myself.”

neelakshi singh in zariin chakra necklace

neelakshi singh in throat chakra necklace

Third Eye Chakra – Shreya Choudhry

“Affirmations are a confirmation of the truth – my truth! I believe if you keep thinking things out loud, they start becoming your reality and you start manifesting it.”

shreya choudhry in zariin chakra necklace

shreya choudhry affirmations

Crown Chakra – Vidhi Gupta 

“This pendant is my reminder. My reminder to spend more time with nature, to be aware of my feelings, my surroundings and also to practice my affirmations. I understand. I am complete. I am one with the energy of the divine.”

vidhi gupta in crown chakra necklace

vidhi gupta affirmations

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