Sanjana Rishi, Rashmi Chadha and Manisha Malik for Traces of Me

Sanjana Rishi, Rashmi Chadha and Manisha Malik for Traces of Me

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Women often leave a trace behind in the places they visit, things they do and people they meet. We talk to three incredible women from different walks of life about how they’ve left their traces on the lives around them and their take on our latest collection – Traces of Me.

Sanjana Rishi
One person who has left their traces on you?
One of the people who have left their traces on me is Ruth Bader Ginsburg who was a US Supreme Court Justice and recently passed away. She was a champion of women’s right and equal rights for all people and I owe her a huge gratitude not just as bar US attorney but also as a woman for paving the way for other women like me.

Have you ever influenced another person and left your traces on them?
I don’t know but I would hope so. I feel deeply inspired by pretty much all my friends and so I would hope that at least some of my friends do have some part of me in them. All of people recently have been telling me that I have gotten them back into thrift shopping which is awesome because why not influence someone to help save the planet.

Your take on Zariin’s Traces of Me collection? How would you style it?
I absolutely love this collection by Zariin because it is so simple and so elegant. It can really be paired with anything. For eg the necklace that I am wearing is actually just one long piece so you can style it as a double wrap around or three times as I have. You can vary the lengths and I love that. I love anything that can go with Indian, Western…any outfit really. Professional.So ya even if it is just a blazer, this collection is really amazing to spruce up your wardrobe with.

sanjana rishi in zariin
sanjana rishi in traces of me jewelry

Rashmi Chadha
One place that has left its traces on you?
One place that left traces on me is Chattisgarh and what I love about the place is the food, culture and so much of art. It’s an unexplored place….so that’s why

Can you tell us something about how you have left your traces in any place across the world?
I travel a lot which include a lot of offbeat places also. I love to meet local communities, try local food and be in the culture. We connect with a lot of women around the world and focus on women empowerment.

Your take on Zariin’s Traces of Me collection? How would you style it?
The collection is quite easy to style it up. Right now I am wearing a business suit…going for a meeting so it is easy to carry and easy to style. And that’s my style.

rashmi chadha in zariin

rashmi chadha in traces of me jewelry

Manisha Malik
One situation that has left its traces on you?
When we were kids, we were living in a joint family and my uncle and aunt had just had their second child who was also a daughter. So people from the locality were coming to meet us and they were saying very sad things like “It’s okay, God will bless you with a son next time…” which we were not very happy about. SO my father goes to the market and buys some sweets and distributes them in the entire neighbourhood. Next day when the neighbours came over they had big smiles on their faces and they were congratulating us. That situation really left a trace on me. Because I learnt that you don’t really have to fight with people to bring a change.

Have you ever left your traces on a situation and made a difference?
Few years back, I was in a class when I over heard two guys talking about me. One of them asks what’s wrong with this kid and the second person replied “it happens to people who have done some bad karma in their past life” and I turned around and asked him – “Does an educated person like you really believe that?” And he realised he said something mean and apologised. Next day we became friends. But I could only do that because my parents have always taught me to speak up for myself.

Your take on Zariin’s Traces of Me collection? How would you style it?
Zariin’s new collection I think represents a modern woman who loves her roots. I love how it takes inspiration from the Indian culture and yet looks very contemporary in its own unique way. And I would style these pieces with an Indo-western outfit. Maybe a saree and a blazer. I think it’ll really add charm to the whole outfit.

manisha mailk in zariin

manisha malik traces of me jewelry

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