The Zariin Summer Edit

The Zariin Summer Edit

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Summer can be pretty harsh on our skin and hair, making us opt for lighter clothes and makeup, even lighter jewellery. A delicate choker can also make us uncomfortable in prickly heat. But does that mean that we give up on wearing beautiful jewellery during this sweaty season? Definitely Not! 

Welcome to ‘The Zariin Summer Edit’, where we introduce you to easy-to-wear, skin-friendly gold-dipped summer jewellery that will be your best friend, this season. Adding such summer jewellery to your wardrobe can make dressing up any outfit a matter of seconds for this summer edit is easy to play around with and each item has been carefully picked to match most, if not all of your outfits. 

Put A Pin On It 

Clip back your fringes with the perfect floral pin for the summer. One of our favourite hairdos from last year has been the middle parting with multiple bobby pins on either side, framing your face. Sleek, stylish and extremely sophisticated, the bobby pins serve the purpose of keeping your hair away from your face while looking extremely chic. Not only does it make you seem put together, but also keeps you from getting forehead acne or frizzy hair. 

New Way To Hoop  

Who doesn’t love hoops? But they can be difficult to carry all day long, when you’re under the sun, working. Say goodbye to struggling with huge hoops and say hello to the Star Loop Earrings. They adorn your ears with the double mini hoop style and end with a starburst that is studded with Turquoise. The pop of blue is sight for sore eyes in the scorching summer and gives your face a vibrant hue. This is sure to be the perfect addition to your summer jewellery collection. 

Bun Up In Style 

A great way to keep your hair protected is to have them up in a bun, away from the harmful UV rays of the sun, the dust in the air and your own body sweat. Have your hair up in style with the Rose Are Red Hair Stick Clip, dipped in 22kt gold and studded with a pink Swarovski crystal. Pair this with an off-the-shoulder dress and some comfortable slides and you’re sure to look like elegance re-defined.  

Good Vibes Only 

Slip style on effortlessly and every day with the Eye Keep It Simple Cuff. The Evil Eye motif, studded with Lapis Lazuli gives you a sense of security as it is known to ward off evil. This adjustable cuff is easy to wear and take off as you beat the heat this season. You can keep it on as you transition from your day looks to that for the night. Simplistic, minimalistic and stunning, dipped in 22kt gold, this hand accessory is a safe bet. 

Don’t Take Them Off 

The Spirited Gold Studs are the perfect pair, that you can pair with literally anything. From a typical denim-on-denim look to an all-white attire, there is no outfit that they won’t match with. Wear these studs for days without having to change. They are comfortable, lightweight and artistically aesthetic. These Blue Topaz studs are sure to make you feel your best, as apart from having a calming effect, the stone is known for improving communication and expression. 

Statement On The Side 

This piece is perfect for a look that’s barely there but is still stylish enough to make a statement. This one-of-a-kind ring has an innovative structure, and the smoky topaz set on the side adds a contemporary feel without trying too hard. The One-Sided Passion Ring is delicate on your fingers and the smoky topaz is known to lift negativity and relieve anxiety. Add this to your summer jewellery collection and continue to serve looks, all season long.

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