Taurus Calling: Zariin’s Zodiac Jewellery Edit

Taurus Calling: Zariin’s Zodiac Jewellery Edit

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Every zodiac season comes with it’s own unique take and flavour and if you are a believer, you’ll agree that your zodiac sign can define your personal style which includes your jewellery preferences. As we just hit the Taurus season, we decided to do a little research on the jewellery preferences during the Bull’s reign. Here’s a breakdown of Taurus jewellery pieces that will appeal to this Earth sign of spring summer that represents the sunny, bright days of April and May.

If there’s one thing that our research revealed was that the Earth sign prefers the material realm so beautiful jewellery remains very relevant. A Taurus girl is feminine and practical and that reflects in her fashion choices as well.

Loves a Statement!
Flashy works – so fabulous statement pieces are a no brainer for a Taurus girl. She prefers her pieces to look a little expensive and knows how to strike the perfect balance between the trendy and the classic. Our perfect pick for her would be the high fashion pieces from Born to Differ.

Flowers are her Friends
It’s time to slow down and smell the summer blooms. The Taurus season, is all about celebrating the blooms and that reflects in her feminine sartorial choices as well. Love for floral jewellery comes naturally to her and summer is the indeed the best time to flaunt those nature inspired sculptural pieces. The Taurus jewellery collection on our radar – Phool’s Paradise or Flower Power!

It’s All About the Neck
The zodiac sign is associated with the neck, so if there’s one thing a Taurus girl can really slay in style is statement necklaces. Statement necklaces are one step solution to dressing up and definitely helps with her practical approach to dressing up.

Love thy Pearls
Taurus jewellery is incomplete without mentioning pearls. With her love for elegance and impeccable dressing, a pair of pearl drop earrings or a trendy pearl necklace is a sure shot way to glam!

love for pearls

Zariin Taurus woman, blogger and Founder of Workingrl, Aanchal Rai in Zariin pearls. Shop Now.

The Stone Connection
The tailor made Taurus necklace – with this delicate layered necklace, Zariin has modernised the concept of zodiac jewellery by replacing the zodiac symbol with a healing stone beneficial to particular zodiac sign. Reap all the benefits of the stone and yet be elusive. This delicate two tiered 22kt gold dipped necklace heroes Clear Quartz – the birthstone of Taurus held artistically with crushed metal.

minimal taurus necklace

Clear Quartz amplifies energy and thoughts. Neutralises negative energy, radiations and electromagnetic emanations. Cleanses organs and the soul. Aids concentration and memory. Stimulates immune system and body balance. Harmonises all the chakras. Shop the necklace

Lastly, Wear Your Sign
And if you believe in wearing your sign with all its glory and are a proud Taurus girl – our modern link zodiac necklace establishes the perfect talismanic connect with a sculptured motif of “the Bull’ embedded on the medallion. A stylish reminder of your traits, the necklace inspires the Taurus girl to reach her true potential.

If you are a Taurus girl or know someone, be rest assured these fabulous Taurus jewellery pieces make the options to shower some self love or engage in gifting therapy.

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