Work From Home Jewellery Guide

Work From Home Jewellery Guide

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Gone are the days when work-from-home meant living in pyjamas. The last year brought around a revolution in work culture. ‘In Office’ became ‘Work-from-home’, meetings became zoom calls and daily office attire became limited to the top halves of our body, as virtual meetings were the only professional social interaction. And after a whole year of working from home, we have started to look forward to video calls as an opportunity to look presentable. No one can deny that they miss the daily routine of dressing up, looking sharp and going to office to meet their colleagues.
Today, we have all successfully transitioned to this new normal and want to leave a lasting impression through the one little square on the screen. We formulated a guide for you to enhance your screen presence with the help of some classic, minimalistic work-from-home jewellery.

Easy on the eyes, Pretty on your ears
These Burnt Rose Earrings are the perfect touch of minimalism for your office face-of-the-day. Dainty yet exquisite, this bauble is sure to catch all eyes and ensure that the team’s attention is yours to hold, for the rest of the meeting. Dipped in 22kt gold paired with the delicate rose quartz stone, these beauties are a classic to own and wear.

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Shop the Burnt Rose Earrings

Pearl Presence

When it comes to managing work and life, we’re usually running out of time. If you’re searching for that one piece that you can wear every time, and is your holy grail for every outfit? Look no further than our NIGHTFALL JOURNEY EARRINGS. The rich combination of Pink Garnet and Baroque Pearls is designed to suit the queen in you. Close your eyes, and go with this timeless piece every rush hour.

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Shop the Country Roads Hoop Earrings

Make your point & accentuate those fingers
Do you use hand gestures while expressing yourself? Make a statement while you make your point by dressing up your fingers with our Partners in Stone Ring. Cast a spell in style with Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli on the two ends and let your fingers do the talking. The best part being that this ring is an absolute match with all those elegant formal shirts sitting in your wardrobe, that can now look even better with your Work-from-home jewellery.

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Shop Partners in Stone Ring

Add the Midas touch to your presentations
The skill of presentation is often linked to the art of expression and your ability to be an efficient communicator. Channel the energy of your Throat Chakra with this handmade 22kt gold dipped necklace. Let the power of Blue Topaz help you battle stress and make mindful decisions, at work, at home and while you work from home. This piece from our ‘Art of Balance’ collection is made to channel and amplify your creativity.

Keep your hair up
Are you someone who likes to keep her hair tucked away in a bun or a braid while working? Make being practical look more presentable and aesthetically pleasing by donning our favourite Garden of Pearl Earrings. These floral wonders are the perfect summer add-on to that crisp white shirt on a Monday Morning Zoom Call. These earrings prove that Work-from-home jewellery doesn’t have to be boring or muted.

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Shop Garden of Pearl Earrings

We’re all going through trying times, but we must indulge in the little things that continue to make us happy in order to move forward. Good days are in store, stay hopeful and stay safe!

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