Real Women - Ambika Kumar Singh

Real Women - Ambika Kumar Singh

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Meet Ambika Kumar Singh. Our latest face of the Real Women series. Ambika is the Content Head and Chief Correspondent, NDTV Special Projects. She’s given a voice to many socially relevant and meaningful projects and that’s what drew us to her.

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Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m a wife, a mother, a daughter and a homemaker

What does your work mean to you? How has it influenced your life?
Being a woman, I think there are a lot of responsibilities. So I didn’t think that my gender should become a barrier in any way. So I picked up a job. I am a journalist and I work on social issues. It’s a little endeavour, a way to give back to the society that as a woman that I can empower many more women like me.

I cover issues which I feel have a huge impact. So even if I feel that in some way or the other I can make a difference on ground, it helps. I cover issues from health to environment, empowerment, education…..


ambika kumar styles a saree with zariin

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The best part about your work.
When somebody comes and tells me that “your this story was really good….”, “very hard hitting…” I think that’s the best feeling I get because sometimes it can be very frustrating. You are covering a topic or you are doing something but you don’t know what the impact is. But even if one person has been impacted or the authorities take some sort of action, I feel that I have done some work. I feel like it’s a small step towards success of each.

ambika's love for jewellery
Ambika elaborates on her jewellery style
What’s your relationship with jewellery?
I love jewellery like most women. I would like to wear that kind of jewellery that goes with my personality, my style, my aesthetics. Especially with work as well, I choose those kind of pieces which stand out, look elegant and nice.

Your favourite Zariin piece. How do you like wearing it?
I love rings. I love this piece! I think it’s very versatile. The style is elegant but has a lot of character. I think I can wear it with anything and everything. You can carry it off with a saree and also with westerns with a nice neckpiece or big earrings. Just the ring is a style statement in itself.

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What does JOY mean to you?
I swear by the motto “Dance like no one’s watching!” Because I wanna live life without any inhibitions so for me JOY really is moments, places, people….especially people I love - my family, friends, those who let me live life without any worries if it’s possible and that’s what makes me love them and that’s what makes me feel JOY.

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