Real Women: Expats in Delhi - Kit Sena

Real Women: Expats in Delhi - Kit Sena

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Meet Kit Sena - a hair and makeup artist who has been in the industry for 17 years. She’s is currently residing in New Delhi exploring and making everyone feel their best self through her work! She’s our next muse for the Real Women: Expats in Delhi series.

zariin real women kit sena Kit Sena is wearing the Wear Pray Love Set

Tell us a little about yourself.
I began my hair and makeup career in Australia, and now together with my husband and our two little boys, we live and work in Delhi, India. I love immersing myself in diverse cultures and exploring all ideas of beauty from around the globe. It has taught me humility and the value of adapting to a changing environment. I believe these experiences bring a unique flavour to my creative vision

kit sena in zariin classics

Kit Sena is wearing the Wear Pray Love Set

kit sena in zariin jewelryFeaturing the Wear Pray Love Necklace

Where are you from? One place you’d like to call your home.
I find the question of where are you from the hardest question in the world. But if I had to choose one place that I would call home, it would be Melbourne.

kit sena in wear pray love set Kit Sena in Wear Pray Love Set

Tell us about your work. What’s the best part about your job?
I am a hair and make up artist. What I love the most about my job is that everyday I get to make somebody feel good about themselves and make people feel happy.

What’s the most inspiring thing about your work?
I want to help people, not by changing the way they look, but changing the way they look at themselves.

kit in zariin beautiful fingers ringKit in Beautiful Fingers Ring

How would you define your sense of style or dressing?
I am very emotional. A lot of my choices are very emotion based. It’s not necessary that it matches or goes perfectly with something. Some of the Zariin pieces are the most gorgeous pieces of jewellery ever made.

kit sena in zariin classic uncut stone necklace
kit in zariin's turquoise necklaceKit in Chasing Dreams Necklace and Spirited One Earrings

Your favourite Zariin piece.
Recently, I wore these beautiful elaborate gold and green earrings by Zariin. I had a the most beautiful dress on. I felt like a queen that day.

What does JOY mean to you?
I really try to invest my time to spend with people who are effortless. You just go , have a great time, they are good people and you just can’t wait to go and hang out with them. That’s what brings me joy.

kit in zariin's classic ringRing is available on request.

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